Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 14, 1994

Milestones: Retirements and Anniversaries

     Staff members who retired or celebrated a five-year
     anniversary with the university last month are
     listed below. Anyone with a question about the
     staff recognition program should call the Office of
     Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs at 516-6060.


35 years of service
Bishop, Catherine, MSE Library 

25 years of service
Brown, Gloria, JHU Press

20 years of service
Batts, Gloria, Mind/Brain Institute
Donahue, Mary W., MSE Library 
Kinkel, Richard P., Purchasing 
Torgerson, Lorraine, Chemistry 

15 years of service
Belz, Shirley Anne, SCS
Forrest, Shirley, Johns Hopkins Club
Henderson, Leroy, Housing 
Palmer, Arnold, JHU Press
Townes, Cleveland J., Athletic Center

10 years of service
Gasparotti, Kathryn Rae, Federal Credit Union 
Guggenheim, Sonia B., Dean's Office--A&S
Katz, Judith B., MSE Library 
Smialkowski, John J., Housing 
Stokley, Daffilyn D., Plant Operations & Maintenance

5 years of service
Ayers, Robert Carlton, Jr., Plant Operations & Maintenance
Barnett, Barry K., Post Office
Bartels, Wilbur C., Security
Bordeaux, Lacey M., SCS
Drake, MaryEllen Ahmut, Accounting
Faddis, Royce, Johns Hopkins Magazine
Holmes, John M., JHU Press
Howard, Kimberly A., Mind/Brain Institute
Kruk, Jeffrey, Physics & Astronomy
Love, Shelia, Dean's Office--A&S
Melocik, Teresa Garrison, Internal Audits & Management
Rone, Rhonda D., Office of the V.P. & General Counsel
Simonds, Elaine, Research Administration

Hygiene and Public Health

25 years of service
Simms, Catherine R., Epidemiology 

20 years of service
Block, Jane R. Seitz, Environmental Health Sciences
Harrop, Ilse Moeller, Environmental Health Sciences
Hubbard, Patty A., Biostatistics 

15 years of service
Harris, Carolyn, Immunology & Infectious Diseases
Mapp, Joyce A., Epidemiology 
Zepp, Gloria J., Epidemiology 

10 years of service
Poling, Joan S., Research Subjects

5 years of service
Addison, Dawn, Environmental Health Sciences
Carey-Oduniyi, Adria C., Health Policy & Management
Gregg, Leslie N. H., Epidemiology 
Moore, Ernest N., Health Policy & Management
Russo, Joann, Plant Planning & Operations
Weatherholtz, Robert C., International Health 


Jones, Mary L., 15 years, Psychiatry
Puley, Mable, 17 years, Custodial Services

30 years of service
Seidl, William J., Pharmacology & Molecular Sciences
Skaist, Arleen S., Biophysics 
Thiess, Patricia A., Psychiatry 

25 years of service
Dawson, Robert R., Art as Applied to Medicine
James, Rose E., Medicine
Kramer, Nancy B., Oncology 

20 years of service
McCleary, Delores A., Pathology
Palmer, Rosalind W., Ophthalmology 
Spilman, Dolores M., Student & House Staff Services
Tepper, Byron Seymour, Safety & Environmental Health 

15 years of service
Elliott, Barry D., Custodial Services
Haas, Denise Lynn, Medicine
Hackley, Joann, Residence Operations
Landers, Diane H., Continuing Education
Robinson, Roxanne J., Medicine
Vala, Milada S., Oncology 

10 years of service
Beer, Josephine Norma, Psychiatry
Gayler, Barbara A., Pediatrics
Hansberger, Karen A., Ophthalmology 
Johnson, Carolyn H., Human Resources
McPherson, Jr., Owen S., Denton Cooley Athletic Center
Schaffer, William Irvin, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Shell, Paula A., Pediatrics
Shiflett, Dolores J., Dermatology
Zeback, Suzanne Elizabeth, Pathology

5 years of service
Almsteadt, Linda, Medicine
Ayers, Diana Lyn, Medicine
Bell, Joann Jacob, Surgery 
Berry, Tia L., OB-GYN
Bingham, Garry T., Medical Practice Plan 
Blair, Bonavetta S., Oncology Center
Crone, Julie Kay, Urology
Elkin, Saralyn, Medicine
Emmel, Thomas, Genome Database Project
Graziano, Michele, Ophthalmology 
Jones, Towanda V., Neurosurgery
Li, Shuojia, Pediatrics
Logue, Lisa A., Medical Practice Plan 
Maddox, Melissa G., Pathology
Maskell, Pamela A., Ophthalmology 
McNair, Stanford, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Petrecca, Michele, Psychiatry
Pryor, Maria R., Ophthalmology 
White, Mary P., Medicine
White-Hamilton, Jacqueline, Medicine
Yelverton, Linwood Earl, Custodial Services


5 years of service
Gordon, Linda K., General Administration


15 years of service
Monash, Diane Carole, Latin American Studies

5 years of service
Wiza, Barbara, Bologna Center

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