Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 14, 1994

Policy Statement on Behavior in Contractual Relationships

     The Johns Hopkins University is committed to conducting
its business affairs in a fair and ethical manner. Vendors
are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with fair,
ethical and legal trade practices when doing business with
the university. Vendor representatives are welcome to visit
the university, but are expected to conduct themselves as
guests, and act in a proper, businesslike manner. Whenever
possible, vendor representatives should make appointments in
advance before visiting with university faculty and staff.
     Vendors are encouraged to negotiate agreements with the
university that provide favorable terms such as special
pricing, delivery and payment conditions. When a vendor
offers special pricing and terms to the university, the
university expects such pricing and terms to be extended to
all its schools and administrative offices.
     Once a business relationship has been established, the
university expects an agreement's terms to be honored at all
times. Should the university have reason to believe that a
vendor has abrogated the terms of an agreement, a timely
inquiry shall be conducted to determine the facts of the
matter.  Should it be found that the terms of an agreement
have been violated, a vendor shall be held responsible for
its actions. An initial incident may result in a discussion
with Office of Purchasing Services personnel and a vendor's
representatives, including its sales manager. A second
incident could result in the university temporarily
suspending the conduct of business with a vendor. A third
incident will result in the university permanently ceasing
the conduct of business with a vendor.
     The university prohibits vendors from offering its
faculty and staff any incentives, gifts or gratuities in
exchange for conducting business. The university expects its
faculty and staff to avoid having any conflict of interest in
directing business to any vendor.  Our employees are to have
no personal interest in suggesting or specifying vendors.
They are not to accept any direct incentives or rewards,
financial or otherwise, for conducting business with a
     Should an office/department of the university believe a
vendor has acted in an improper or unethical manner, such
behavior should be reported to the Office of Purchasing
Services. All vendors are expected to treat university
employees in a dignified, respectful and professional manner.
Likewise, should a vendor believe it has been asked to render
goods and/or services to an office/department in a manner
contrary to any agreements it has with the university, or act
in a manner it considers for any reason to be inappropriate,
such behavior should be reported to the Office of Purchasing
     The transaction of business in a fair and ethical manner
that promotes open and fair competition is in the best
interests of the university and its business partners.
Conducting business in accordance with the principles
enunciated in this Statement of Behavior will promote and
engender productive, long-term, successful business
relationships between the university and vendors.

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