Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 14, 1994

United Way Campaign Selects Five Winners in Second Lottery

     In the United Way Campaign's second lottery drawing last
week, Aleksander S. Popel, a  professor of biomedical
engineering at the School of Medicine, won first prize: a
one-night stay at the Stouffer Harbor Place Hotel and dinner
for two at the hotel's restaurant, Windows.
     The second place prize--lunch for two aboard Harbor
--went to Viera Provost, in the School of Medicine's
Department of Medicine, Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
     Anne V. Barker, of the School of Medicine's Department
of Internal Medicine, won the third place prize, dinner and   
 cocktails for two at the Hopkins Club.
     Judy L. Walter, of the School of Medicine's Office of
Academic Affairs, won fourth prize, a set of two tickets to
the following Hopkins events: Illusions, a movement theater
production; a classical music concert by Carreeno; and a
performance by Chorovaya Akademia, a men's a cappella choir
from Moscow.
     Daphne Klautky, of the School of Arts and Sciences'
Department of Anthropology, was shocked when she learned she
had won the fifth place prize, three hours of service from
Maryland Limousine.  
     "I laughed when they called me, because I had no idea
what to do with it," said Klautky, who has been with the
university since 1986. "But now I think I'm going to pile as
many of my daughter's friends as possible into the limousine,
and we'll drive around looking at Christmas lights. That will
be a nice way to enjoy the prize." 
     The United Way lotteries are open to all university
employees who pledge $35 or more to the Hopkins campaign. The
last drawing will be held Nov. 21, and prizes will include
two tickets to the Baltimore Symphony, a night for two at the
Cross Keys Inn, two tickets to dinner and a show at Toby's
Dinner Theater in Columbia, dinner and a show for two at the
Towsontown Musical Dinner Theater, and a $50 gift certificate
at Radebaugh & Son's, Florists. All lottery prizes are
donated by suppliers to encourage participation in the

     University staff and faculty have reached 80.1
     percent of their goal, pledging $445,585. The
     hospital has raised $155,060.

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