Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 28, 1994

Final Shutout Does Not Diminish Dream Season
By Christine Rowett

     It has been revived. 
     The men's soccer team that just two seasons ago won only
three games, this year ended with a record of 17-3-3. And they
were thisclose to the NCAA Division III championship when
unranked Bethany College of West Virginia broke a scoreless tie
after 107 minutes in the Nov. 19 title game played at Trenton
State College.
     A season the Baltimore Sun called "storybook" might have
been daunting for some. But the Hopkins players--for the most
part--have managed their academic, social and athletic careers
     "They all work very, very hard," coach Matt Smith said of
his near-championship team. "They showed everybody that they are
as serious on the field as they are in the classroom."
     Senior midfielder Dave Kohlmyer admits he is surprised at
the team's success. 
     "I didn't think we'd make it that far," he said. "Every game
we played the other team was supposed to beat us."
     He credits Smith and the coach's encouraging style for the
change in the team.
     "Everyone likes playing under him," Kohlmyer said. "He makes
the whole team want to try and win."
     Smith said the psychological aspect of coaching was not a
     "They wanted to win," he said. "Once you have that desire,
just shaping and calming it down sometimes when you need to is
     Smith said as a former player--and Towson State's MVP in
1987--he is keenly aware of the stresses college athletes face. A
part-time coach who also teaches middle school in Bel Air, Smith
admits he has made sacrifices in his own social life.
     "I don't have one," the 29-year-old said, "but it's well
worth it."
     Team co-captain Chris Borris said it was a challenge
concentrating on his international studies work in the midst of
playoffs, which began at the beginning of this month.
     "When we reached the later rounds, as soon as we won, I
couldn't help but think about the next game," he said.
     Some of his professors, Borris said, have rescheduled tests
and offered extra study sessions. 
     Borris was not, however, one of several athletes who took
their exams on the road and, in one case, on an airplane. Smith
served as proctor.
     Though the eventual loss was disappointing, Borris said he
will remember his final soccer season Hopkins.
     "It was hugely exciting," he said. "Playing for a national
championship was a once-in-a-lifetime deal."
     Borris and Kohlmyer--both graduating seniors--said they will
miss being members of the Blue Jays next year.
     "I do regret graduating," Kohlmyer said. "The team is going
to be really good in the next couple of years."

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