Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 28, 1994

Chirikjian's Robotics Spotlight for PRSA Meeting

     The Homewood campus was the host site for the technology
section of the Public Relations Society of America earlier this
month at a forum titled "Getting the Word Out: Telling and
Selling a Scientist's Story."
     More than 35 PRSA members attended the event, which featured
Gregory Chirikjian, a Hopkins assistant professor of mechanical
engineering who specializes in robotics.
     Chirikjian, 28, has been the focus of several local and
national news stories on his advanced research in robotics.
Members of the JHU News and Information staff explained to the
group how they worked with the scientist to publicize
Chirikjian's work.
     "This work is pretty visual, and I think it's easy to
explain," said Chirikjian, who often discusses his work with
potential supporters. "In the process of looking for funding one
has to explain things in a way someone with money can
     More than 2,000 PRSA members from around the country
attended the organization's annual convention in Baltimore this

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