Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 10, 1994

Faculty Celebrates Initiative Campaign

      Faculty from all divisions met at Homewood Sept. 30 for
a reception and briefing on the Johns Hopkins Initiative, the
campaign for the university and the Johns Hopkins Health
System launched officially the next day.
    Morris W. Offit, chair of the board of trustees, and
Michael Bloomberg, chair of the campaign, hosted the event.
They said faculty advice had been essential to the setting of
campaign priorities and that faculty involvement would remain
essential to the Initiative's success. "You are the very
best," Bloomberg said.
      Provost Joseph Cooper discussed the campaign's $900
million goal, including $525 million for facilities and
critically needed endowment.
      President William C. Richardson said the concentration
on endowment is essential to the long-term health of the
university, but that the impact of endowment gifts is less
immediate than that of gifts meant to be spent rather than
      "Endowment has its greatest impact in the long run,"
Dr. Richardson said. "It has long-lasting impact, and we and
the generations who succeed us will benefit in so many ways."

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