Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 12, 1994

E-Level Club the New 'Place to Be' Scene
By Christine A. Rowett   

When construction began on E-Level, the new Homewood campus
student pub on the main floor of Levering Hall, someone found
a brass bucket in the ceiling space. It had been put there,
presumably, to contain a leak sometime in the last 31 years.
      Last Friday, when the pub had its official grand
opening, the brass bucket_newly polished and hung with
pride_was once again attached to the ceiling, as a symbol of
the past meeting the future.
     "It adds a certain amount of funk to the space," said
director of design and construction services Brendan Donegan.
"And quite frankly, that's what we wanted to do."
     In addition to the unique design features, E-Level
offers Homewood students one thing that has been lacking in
the past few years: a place to hang out.
     The space the pub occupies has been completely
renovated, erasing any memories of the student offices that
used to be there. Instead, a circular mahogany bar takes up
one wall, and small intimate tables are strategically placed
out of earshot of the more private booths.
     A game room is a just a hallway away, and includes pool
tables and several video games.
     "I actually thought it was going to be kind of dorky,"
admitted senior Zayda San-chez, "but it's looking good. I
think it's a good idea."
     When Sanchez arrived at Hopkins, there was no such club.
The year before, the Grad Club in McCoy was closed after that
dorm was converted to housing for first- and second-year
     Then, in a genuine case of Hopkins musical chairs,
several administrative offices, including Auxiliary Services
and the Homewood business office, were moved from Merryman
Hall to the "terrace" of Shriver Hall. Then the majority of
student group offices were moved from Levering Hall to the
vacated space in Merryman.  
     "Finally it was decided Levering would be the right
place for another club," Dean of Students Susan Boswell said.
So a board of directors consisting of six students and five
administrators got to work.
     Senior architectural designer Pamela Vite, who had
worked on the design of the student union at the University
of Pennsylvania, created the look of E-Level, while the
students gave it its name. The inspiration for the name came
from D-Level of the Eisenhower Library, where dedicated
students spend hundreds of waking and non-waking hours with
their books and their studies.
     "Where do you go after D-Level?" Dean Boswell asked. "It
kind of fits."
     All Hopkins students know the levels of the Eisenhower
Library, sophomore Jennifer Nevin said. They spend a great
deal of time there.
     "I think it makes fun of us," the studious Nevin said of
the pub's moniker. "It's like, maybe people will come if they
think it's part of the library."
     They may also go for the menu, which includes pizza,
potato skins and popcorn.
     "It's amazing the variety of microwave-ready foods that
are available," Dean Boswell said.
     Student Activities coordinator Gary Van Zinderen also
hopes to add a "healthy fare" menu, including low- and
non-fat foods.
     E-Level also serves sodas and a variety of juices; plans
are in the works for a cappuccino machine. Wine and beer will
be served only to those with valid ID.
     Though Van Zinderen will oversee E-Level, between 20 and
25 students will work at the pub, two as managers.
     "The competition is pretty stiff," said Bill Smedick,
director of Student Activities. "There are a lot of students
applying to work there."
     There are even special "event staff" personnel who have
been specifically trained to handle crowds when alcohol and
the threat of "behavior problems" are present, Smedick said. 
     The pub cost about $175,000 to renovate, Donegan said.
Money raised through the sale of alcohol and food will be put
toward everyday operations and entertainment at the pub. 
     Possible plans for the pub include Monday night football
parties, musical guests and dancing.
     "You can't really sit with your friends and have a drink
at someplace that's not a dive around here," senior Sanchez
said. "I hope all students take advantage of it."      
E-Level will be open Mondays through Wednesdays from 5 p.m.
until midnight, Thursdays through Saturdays from 5 p.m. until
2 a.m., and Sundays from noon until 10 p.m.

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