Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 19, 1994

Parking and Traffic Regulations--Homewood Campus

Effective September 1994:

All parking and traffic regulations are published annually in
the Gazette. Any changes will be announced by the
administration, with the advice of the Homewood Parking and
Traffic Advisory Committee, and will be published in the
Gazette. The university does reserve the right to make
changes in "urgent situations" without prior notice. 
    The university administration reserves the right to
refuse parking privileges to anyone found to abuse the 
parking system's rules and regulations. All vehicle operators
are also reminded that they are subject to existing Maryland
motor vehicle laws while on campus. 
    All parking on the Homewood campus is reserved for the
exclusive use of active members of the Campus Paid Parking
System, except where specifically provided for by designated
visitors' area, by written notice or by special permit issued
by the university. Violators are subject to citation and/or

1.  Visitor Parking

    A.   Visitors may use only the visitors' section on the
"P" lot located southwest of Shriver Hall or metered areas.
    B.   Visitor hang-tags are available from a host
department for visitor use without charge at campus parking
meters and the paid parking lot located southwest of Shriver
Hall only. Visitor hang-tags are not for use by Homewood
faculty, staff and students.
    C.   Visitors' parking areas (meters and paid parking
lot) are in operation from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., Monday
through Thursday, and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday.

2.  Faculty, Staff and Student Parking

    A.   Parking facilities for two- and four-wheeled
vehicles are available to faculty, staff and eligible
students who have cause to park on the Homewood campus.
    B.   Faculty, staff and eligible students wishing to
park on the Homewood campus must purchase a parking access
card, or faculty sticker/hang-tag, or use the visitors'
parking areas for the appropriate fee. Parking registrations
are not transferable among individuals.
    C.   Areas designated on the map as special permit
parking are available to eligible Homewood faculty only. (To
receive a copy of the map, contact the Security Office, 14
Shriver Hall.)
    D.   Homewood staff and eligible Homewood students may
use the controlled access surface lots or the visitors'
parking areas (at additional cost).
    E.   Part-time students in the School of Continuing
Studies and G.W.C. Whiting School of Engineering may purchase
parking access cards valid after 3 p.m. (Monday through
Friday) on lots F, H, J, P, R, S and U only.
    F.   Graduate and undergraduate students living within
the 3/4 mile radius of the campus are not eligible to park on
campus in areas other than the visitors' paid parking area,
except during periods when parking restrictions are

3.  Hopkins Club

    Members and guests of the Hopkins Club may use "C" lot
and the Hopkins Club circle during lunch and dinner hours.

4.  Parking Registration

    A.   Parking registration is handled by Broadway
Services, Inc., located in the Parking Office, 16 Shriver
Hall (lower level). The telephone number is 516-PARK.
    B.   JHU vehicle identification stickers must also be
obtained from the Security Office, 14 Shriver Hall, as part
of the normal parking registration process. These stickers
must be displayed as specified.
    C.   Separate registration procedures apply to disabled
members of the Hopkins community. Information may be obtained
at the Parking Office (516-PARK).

5.  Parking Restrictions/Prohibitions

    A.   Official posted signs shall govern the use of all
    B.   Failure to park so that the entire vehicle lies
between the lines which designate the parking space is
    C.   Parking at any time on campus roads, lawns, loading
docks, walkways, delivery entrances, disabled areas, resident
adviser areas or any other unauthorized parking area is
    D.   Parking at meters after time has expired is
    E.   Securing or using parking privileges through
misrepresentation or fraud is prohibited.
    F.   Unauthorized parking in restricted areas such as
"Disabled Parking Only," "Service Vehicle Only," "Special
Permit Parking Only" (A, B, D, E, F, K, M, N, T) is
    G.   Failure to display JHU vehicle identification
stickers is prohibited.
    H.   Unauthorized or improper use of visitor hang-tags
is prohibited.
    I.   Vehicle storage (parking over 48 hours) without
permission of the Security Department is prohibited.

6.  Enforcement

    Campus parking and traffic regulations are enforced by
Homewood Security commissioned special police officers.

7.  University Holidays and Weekends

    A.   Parking lot restrictions are suspended on
university holidays and weekends except in designated
disabled areas, posted resident adviser areas and other
special parking areas designated by sign (see Parking
Restrictions:  5-C).
    B.   Parking meters are not enforced.
    C.   Parking restrictions remain in effect for all
campus roads, fire lanes, delivery entrances, walkways, lawns
and other unauthorized parking areas.

8.  Penalties and Administrative Fees and Towing Fees

    The following penalties are in effect:
    A.   $15--Each parking violation, unless otherwise
    B.   $50--Securing parking privileges through
misrepresentation or fraud.
    C.   $50--Parking illegally in a designated disabled
    D.   $25--Altering the date on a visitor hang-tag.
    E.   Vehicles parked in fire lanes or in disabled areas
or blocking access doors may be towed without notice.
    F.   Two unpaid parking citations shall subject a
vehicle to be placed on the boot list or tow-away list
without further notice. The vehicle shall be booted if there
are two outstanding fines that are not under appeal or in the
process of payroll deduction. If a booted vehicle is
unclaimed after 48 hours, or in an emergency situation or if
deemed necessary by the university, the vehicle shall be
    G.   Failure to comply with the regulations or to pay
parking fines shall result in booting or towing at the
vehicle owner's expense and risk to Greenwood's Garage, 1370
W. North Ave. Parking privileges may also be canceled.
    H.   Administrative fees:  Release of booted vehicle--
$20 plus outstanding fine. After 14 days--a $10
research-of-vehicle registration fee plus outside search fee. 
    The fee for returned checks is $25.
    I.   Towing to Greenwood's Garage: $100 maximum towing
charge, exclusive of outstanding fines. Fines must also be
    J.   Fines must be paid before vehicle is released to

9.  Payment of Fines

    A.   Fines must be paid in person or mailed  to Homewood
Parking System, c/o Security Office, Shriver Hall (lower
level), 3400 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 21218.
    B.   Persons who do not have parking privileges are
subject to booting and/or towing.
    C.   Persons with parking privileges who are on the
university payroll will have their fines deducted from their
salary/wages, if not paid within seven days of issuance of
    D.   Individuals who have parking privileges and are not
on the payroll and students with two outstanding parking
fines will be placed on the boot list. In addition, students'
accounts will be billed for all outstanding fines and fees.
    E.   Diplomas and transcripts will not be issued to
students having outstanding fines.

10. Appeals Process

    Individuals who feel that a notice of violation has been
improperly issued may submit, within 14 days of receipt of a
parking citation, a written appeal to the Homewood Parking
and Traffic Advisory Committee, 14 Shriver Hall, 3400 N.
Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 21218. No appeal will be accepted
after 14 days from the date of the violation.

11. Moving Violation

    Maryland motor vehicle law is in effect on the Homewood
campus. In addition, university traffic regulations apply.
Violations include:
    A.   Driving in a manner or at a speed that is not
reasonable or proper.
    B.   Exceeding 15 mph on any campus road or lot.
    C.   Operating bicycles, motorcycles or scooters on
university walks, lawns or in other unauthorized areas of the

12. Limitation of Liability

    Persons with parking privileges are entitled to the use
of appropriate parking spaces. Acceptance of parking
privileges (access card, hang-tag or optional faculty
sticker) constitutes an agreement between the holder and the
university that the university shall not be responsible for
the loss of or damage to the vehicle, its accessories or
contents, resulting from theft, fire, collision or any other

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