The Johns Hopkins Gazette: August 16, 1999

August 16, 1999
VOL. 28, NO. 42

Outlook: Mark Blyth on Third Way politics
Software turns data into graphic maps
Emil White, chemistry professor, dies at 73
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Learning from experience
Christopher Horton, a rising senior at Frederick Douglass High School in West Baltimore, began this summer with just a rudimentary understanding of computers. Sure, he knew about Windows 95 and some games, but he says that was about the extent of his interest.
   Today, good luck getting Horton away from the keyboard.
   Now he surfs the Internet, can type at a faster pace and puts together a Power Point presentation with the greatest of ease. Full story...

Invention brings new recognition
Curt Civin, King Fahd Professor of Oncology and Pediatrics, has learned that patience, pardon the cliché, is indeed a necessary virtue for any scientist. Countless lab hours and years of research might ultimately lead to a breakthrough discovery, but sometimes that is only the beginning. How about waiting an additional 15 years before your discovery can be mass marketed?
   Civin knows that feeling. And now he knows one more cliche: Good things do, in fact, come to those who wait. Full story...

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