The Johns Hopkins Gazette: December 6, 1999

December 6, 1999
VOL. 29, NO. 14

APL launches its first start-up company
Hollywood docs: Prof's book offers a second opinion
Alum pledges $3 million for rec center, scholarships
Political scientist wins Grawemeyer Award for her book
Cancer researcher recipient of prize for young scientists
HIV testing campaign by JHU/CCP launched in Maryland
Earth's core may contain cold frost of molten iron
LeBoff Professorship dedicated at SOM
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Champions of women in science
Alexandra Surcel, a senior majoring in chemistry and public health, had been thinking of starting a support group for undergraduate women in the sciences when she saw something that helped jolt her into action.
   "A female student raised her hand in chemistry class and asked a question that I didn't think was stupid--maybe because I had the same question," Surcel says with a laugh. "And the professor responded without answering her question, sort of brushed her off. Then about 10 minutes later, a guy raised his hand and asked the same question, and the professor responded.
   "Maybe it just fit in better with the professor's lecture at that point," she muses, unwilling to blame the professor without a discussion. "I thought of it as perhaps a sex issue, though, and it got the ball rolling." Full story...

McCarty begins as A&S dean
Dick McCarty hit the ground running. By the time his appointment as dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences was announced last week, he was already on the job.
   His first meeting as dean Wednesday morning was to discuss the evolving new master plan for the Homewood campus.
   He had already been serving on a key master plan committee, and related projects like a planned new classroom building, an NMR imaging facility and a renovation of Gilman Hall have been on his plate since his one-year term as interim dean in the 1997-98 academic year. Full story...

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