The Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 1, 1999

February 1, 1999
VOL. 28, NO. 20

New center for brain imaging
Heavenly sounds to heavenly bodies
Hopkins heads up workshop on creating postgrad programs for professionals
Bette Uphoff strikes gold at the School of Medicine
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Black History Month begins
The Homewood campus celebrates black history this month with some powerful speakers, great jazz, movies, parties and a lot more. Hopkins' 1999 Black History Month, "African Heritage: A Foundation for Our Modern Day Presence," kicks into gear this Friday with jazz trumpeter Dontae Winslow and continues throughout February with a series of events including talks by luminaries like education researcher Asa Hilliard III, United Negro College Fund president William Gray and psychologist Na'im Akbar.
   "I think my overriding goal putting this together was to just get a dialogue going on campus," said Zaire DuRant-Young, a sophomore and chair of this year's Black History Month. "I hope some of these events will get people to talk about issues that they might normally tiptoe around."
   DuRant-Young and series organizers chose a theme they hoped would both honor the past and look toward the future. After all, said DuRant-Young, his class will be one of the first to graduate and enter the work force in the next millennium. Full story...

Technology historian declares Vegas "eighth wonder"
He has helped define Detroit and the automobile, Silicon Valley and the computer, MIT and the military-industrial complex. For years he has trained students about how to understand civilization's most impressive engineering marvels--bridges, towers, dams and skyscrapers.
   But Bill Leslie, a historian of science and technology, has just discovered the Eighth Wonder of the Modern World, and this spring he will lead his charges on their first pilgrimage to witness the spectacle.
   Viva Las Vegas! Full story...

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