The Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 1, 1999
Feb. 1, 1999
VOL. 28, NO. 20


In Brief

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Web site contest slated for undergraduates

To demonstrate the usefulness and power of the Web as a medium for communicating information that has intellectual value, the Friends of the Johns Hopkins Libraries and the Community of Science are sponsoring their second annual undergraduate Web site contest.

Any undergraduate student enrolled in a degree program at Hopkins is eligible to enter. Each entry will be judged on content, originality, success at effectively communicating information about the chosen discipline and the student's ability to take advantage of the multimedia, interactive nature of the Web.

The winner, whose site will be featured as a link from Milton's Web, will be awarded $1,500; the second place winner will receive $1,000. Deadline is March 24.

Submit entries via the Web at or contact Robin Rooks at 410-516-8327.

Cyber Tech Seminar set on high-performance computing

Making It Happen: High-Performance Computing," a seminar on the challenges and potential of massive processing power, will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 9, in the Parsons Auditorium, Building 1, at APL. This program is part of APL's ongoing Cyber Tech Seminar Series, which has been examining the impact of technological developments on society and its institutions.

Speakers include Thomas Sterling, senior scientist with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; George Paul Jr., of IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center; and Jayadev Misra, of the University of Texas at Austin.

The morning session, 9 a.m. through noon, is open to the general public. Additional information on this seminar and previous ones can be found at