The Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 25, 1999

January 25, 1999
VOL. 28, NO. 19

S.e.e.d. sprouts dialogues on diversity
Hopkins alumnus named coordinator for city and community relations
Ancient Troy, global Flashpoints, cybors, sci-fi cinema among Odyssey's spring offerings
Sequencing of AIDS virus from India waves red flag
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Genetics institute formed
Uniting nine centers, scores of physicians and scientists, and budgets worth tens of millions of dollars, the School of Medicine has announced the formation of a new institute that consolidates under a single institutional umbrella much of the genetic disease research, education and treatment enterprise now widely spread throughout Hopkins.
   In naming the new institute the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Hopkins jointly honors two pioneer faculty members, whose work in the lab and at the bedside over the past 40 years helped transform a fledgling scientific specialty into the driving force of medicine. Full story...

Bytes and pieces of music
A violin in the hands of a master musician can be a soulfully engaging instrument; a feather's touch of a string, or a strong slash of the bow, can render a myriad of notes to delight the listener. There are a select few of us who with an instrument can produce sounds that make the rest of us scratch our heads and marvel at their abilities.
   But human ability has its limitations. How long can a note be sustained on a violin? How fast can a pianist's fingers scamper across the keys? Miles Davis was a virtuoso trumpet player, but could he play in reverse?
   Well, a computer can. Full story...

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