The Johns Hopkins Gazette: June 21, 1999

June 21, 1999
VOL. 28, NO. 38

Divisions converge in D.C. site
SCS creates corporate/university partnerships
Healthy attitudes
Retired opera star pledges $1 million for new arts center
Scientists identify the molecular source of friction
SAIS student plans "cultured" summer in Central Asia
MPH students take top spot in health care competition
SPH staff recognition
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Honor for Dr. Humanities
Professor Richard A. Macksey says "a lack of focus" is his most defining characteristic. He is known to wander sometimes during a conversation, has a habit of being in the middle of several books at one time and is certainly hard to pin down to a straight answer. One former student says that asking Macksey a question is like going to a fire hydrant for a drink of water.
   For instance, ask him what he does for a living, and he'll tell you indirectly he is a teacher. "Oh. What do you teach?" you may inquire.
   "My wife gets very impatient with me when I try to explain this," Macksey says before he goes off into a several-minute explanation. "I guess it also depends on what day and what hour you ask me the question."
   Indeed, Macksey's areas of interest range from classical literature and foreign films to comic novels and medical narratives--all subjects he has taught at one time or another. Full story...

1999 Hopkins Picnic
Not even a soaking rain could put a damper on a much-loved Hopkins tradition: the annual picnic, held this year on June 17 at Homewood's Garland Field. More than 400 people gathered under the tents for games, dancing with the Orioles bird and picnic fare served up by Hopkins celebrity grillers. And when the rain let up, lots of the younger guests headed out to play in the wet grass. Full story...

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