The Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 15, 1999

March 15, 1999
VOL. 28, NO. 26

Talent loss: low-income achievers
Frederick Bindeman, lieutenant with Homewood Security, dies at 59
New computers, thanks to a resourceful student
Johns Hopkins University Press appoints manager for Project Muse
Astronomer's new textbook fills scholarly void
Brecht to succeed Maxwell at National Foreign Language Center
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And now, the readable doctor
Michael Klag, director of General Internal Medicine at the School of Medicine and a practicing physician, says he is used to fielding calls from family and friends in regard to health issues: Is there enough vitamin D in my diet? How do I know if I have measles or a bad skin irritation? I just left the doctor and I'm still not sure I understand what he told me to do about my arthritis. ...
   Klag admits that even as an informed consumer he, too, often has questions upon leaving the doctor's office.
   And he bets that, in order to answer these daily medical questions, many people would find it useful to have their own health-care "hotline."
   The Office of Consumer Health Information has tried to provide just that with its recently published Johns Hopkins Family Health Book, an encyclopedic 1,650-page reference work. Full story...

Romance Languages to Consolidate
The French and Hispanic and Italian Studies departments will officially merge on July 1 in a move intended to strengthen each department's academic curriculum and recruiting power. The new entity in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences will be called the Department of Romance Languages.
   Stephen Nichols, current chair of the French Department, has been named chair of the new combined department, which rejoins the two language groups, which have been separate since 1983.
   Nichols said the move has distinct "educational advantages" for students. Full story...

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