The Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 8, 1999

November 8, 1999
VOL. 29, NO. 11

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Ketogenic diet again shown effective
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Lottery winners drawn as university nears 1999 United Way goals
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Making millennium music for 'Times Square 2000'
Times Square will welcome the new year, century and millennium with an original work by a Peabody Conservatory composer, performed by a solo artist creating the sound of a symphony of instruments with a "Virtual Orchestra" also developed at Peabody.
   As New York's famous New Year's Eve ball plummets toward the turn of the millennium, Charles Kim's "Anthem for the Millennium" will be conjured as if from thin air by Peabody computer music artist-in-residence Forrest Tobey, standing alone on a stage in Times Square armed only with a pair of infrared light-emitting wands.
   Both Kim, 27, and Tobey, 44, are double-degree graduates of Peabody. Kim also holds a computer science degree from the Whiting School of Engineering. Full story...

How Hopkins gots its chunk of the Berlin Wall
Five years ago, Jack Janes was in Germany looking for a piece of the Berlin Wall that he could secure for Johns Hopkins. The director of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies stood in a park outside Berlin, examining large sections of the wall.
   Finally, he found one that appealed to him. It was, like the rest, huge and lying on its side, partially obscured by another section of wall. But on this particular section, Janes noted the letters F and R.
   Looking more closely, he noticed the letter E followed the first two letters. Although he couldn't read the rest of the word, Janes hoped it would be an I, which would make the word FREI, the German word for free. Full story...

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