The Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 18, 1999
October 18, 1999
VOL. 29, NO. 8

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The following staff members retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in September. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


25 years of service
Warren, Lena J., MSE Library

10 years of service
Kearse, Annmarie Belling, JHPIEGO

5 years of service
Karuri, Mercy W., JHPIEGO
Tepin, Michael B., MSE Library
Welborn, Monica Denice, IAAY


20 years of service
Vega, Charles, Chemistry

15 years of service
Ford, Edna L., History of Science

5 years of service
Thaler, Romani L., Physics and Astronomy


5 years of service
Carter, David L., Mechanical Engineering


20 years of service
Tiefenwerth, William, Student Services

15 years of service
Angel, Tracey Lyon, Housing Office

5 years of service
White, Paul T., Undergraduate Admissions/Recruitments


35 years of service
Diggs, Rebecca M., Medicine

30 years of service
Queen, Jean, Surgery

25 years of service
Chase, Barbara P., OB-GYN
Grebe, Rhonda Richardson, Ophthalmology
Sieminski, Barbara, Medicine
Ziolkowski, Joan M., Medicine

20 years of service
Carlton, Monica P., Oncology Center Services
Connelly, Carla, Molecular Biology and Genetics
Fleischman, Barbara, Surgery
Horwitz, Louis, Oncology
Levy, Joan M., Office of Public Affairs
Medura, Marianne, Ophthalmology

15 years of service
Cebulak, Rose Marie, Medicine
Goldsborough, Irene L., Ophthalmology
Hammond, Roxanne, Otolaryngology Billing
Hardesty, Susan D., Medicine
Kelly, Carol, Ophthalmology
Lake, Barbara Lynne, Ophthalmology
McDonald, Jacquelyn Marie, Ophthalmology
Teller, Kathryn L., Ophthalmology
Wood, Brenda Lee, Welch Medical Library

10 years of service
Baker-Ashton, Linda J., Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Bayton, Patricia Maria, Medicine
Breslin, Linda M., Medicine
Butz, Arlene Manns, General Pediatrics
Elfert, Gloria A., Medicine
Loman, Kimberly, Medicine
Maye, Clara, Orthopaedic Surgery
Page, Lisa Maria, Surgery
Plitt, James R., Clinical Immunology
Rainey, Carol Ann, Ophthalmology
Riley, Clarissa, Oncology Administration
Scheeler-Weller, Verna, Oncology Center Services
Sherr, Meeia, Huntington's Disease
Ward, Maryann K., Urology Billing Office

5 years of service
Barczak, Rebekah E., Oncology Administration
Barrett, Lena Pearl, Custodial Services
Cichocki, Michael F., Psychiatry
Crotchfelt, Kimberly A., Medicine
Daniels, Danelle C., Biological Chemistry
Daniels, Roland E., Medicine
Gold, Ellen Marie, Pediatrics
Hart, Jennifer, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Healey, Jamie E., Orthopaedic Surgery
Kremen, Sarah A., Neurology
Luo, Wensheng, Medicine
March, Annette, Greenspring Station
Mracna, Martin., Institute of Genetic Medicine
Pohlner, Janice F., Medicine
Redd-Williams, Carla, Oncology Center Services
Rigney, Tina M., Medicine
Robertson, Cynthia A., Neurology
Simon, Shirley, Neurosurgery
Soltys, Diane L., Outpatient Center
Spencer, Valerie Page, Clinical Immunology
Swoboda, Sandra M., Surgery
Talley, Britanous, Medicine
Williams, Robert N., Purchasing
Zhou, Li-Ming, Medicine


5 years of service
Donaldson, Sue Karen (dean), School of Nursing
Knowlden, Thomas E., Office of Admissions
Sparks, Denise, Office of Admissions


20 years of service
Chalmers, Charlotte, Conservatory Instruction

15 years of service
Baxter, Steven G., Dean's Office (Conservatory)
Nelson, Douglas G., Concert Office
Waynick, Kathleen, Networking and Telecommunications

5 years of service
Castagnetti, Robert J., Plant Administration


Lei, Helen Y., 22 years, Biochemistry

25 years of service
Daniel, Theresa B., Immunology and Infectious Diseases

20 years of service
Amend-Libercci, Debra Ann, Epidemiology

15 years of service
Maykrantz, Joseph W., Audiovisual Services
Roemer, Mary, Health Policy and Management

10 years of service
Goldstein, Stephen., Population Information
McMillian, Marcia J., Population Communication Services
Trotta, Robert Angelo, Custodial Services

5 years of service
Curry, Elizabeth, Population and Family Health Sciences
He, Xia, Environmental Health Sciences
Hollander, Eileen, Epidemiology
Ksiazek, Thomas J., Human Resources
Magtibay, Regino M., Maintenance
Min, Yuan-I, Epidemiology
Ramsey, Kim., Population Communication


20 years of service
Simmons, Theresa Taylor, African Studies

5 years of service
Hrabak, Diane, Dean's Office


35 years of service
Richardson, Lula, Levering Hall Cafeteria

20 years of service
Digirolamo, Delores J., Annual Fund
Hoffmeyer, Kenneth W., Controller's Office

15 years of service
Kazmaier, Douglas L., Housing Office Kunkel, Eddora, Accounts Payable MacSherry, Andrew S., Post Office

5 years of service
Albert, Howard J., The Johns Hopkins Club
Donohue, Kevin F., WJHU
Johnson, Deborah S., Federal Credit Union
Knapp, Steven, Provost
Kuruvilla, Cecy, Human Resources
Shattuck, Susan H., Development and Alumni Relations