The Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 27, 1999

September 27, 1999
VOL. 29, NO. 5

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Home owners wanted
A newlywed who had recently received a full-time faculty appointment in the School of Medicine, Joe Bienvenu knew it was time to leave his renting days behind him. Bienvenu, an assistant professor in the Psychiatry Department, says that even before his appointment he had already begun to canvass neighborhoods such as Fells Point and Mt. Washington, looking for just the right first home for himself and his wife, Holly.
   Then one day last December he discovered "the" place--a one-time warehouse in Little Italy. On a subsequent tour of the property, the couple instantly realized they had found a home with lots of promise.
   "I thought, my goodness, this a beautiful place. It needs some work, but what a lot of space," Bienvenu says. "In fact, I thought it was too much for us--just too much house. But I could definitely see myself living there and working on it over the years. That is, if we could afford it." Full story...

Behind the making of a master plan
Many visitors to Homewood are pleasantly surprised. They don't expect flowering trees, quiet gardens, wide open green spaces and Georgian architecture on an urban campus.
    Those are their first impressions.
    Then they notice the 18-wheelers competing with pedestrians for access to Levering Hall. Service trucks pulled up on sidewalks. A "temporary" building that has stood almost since World War II. A road network that defines the concept "You can't get there from here."
    "The first impression is the most important one for us," said Paul White, director of undergraduate admissions. "People are amazed that our campus is as beautiful as it is." Full story...

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