The Johns Hopkins Gazette: August 14, 2000

August 14, 2000
VOL. 29, NO. 43

Q&A: President Brody on technology ... and bricks and mortar
New delivery system is out of sight
State program opens doors to university labs
Job Opportunities
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The man with the plans
On yet another overcast day in Baltimore, construction and excavation crews on the Homewood campus meander through muddied stretches of earth, weaving around pools of rainwater that dot the landscape like craters on the moon.
   Seemingly, around every bend are surveyors peering through transits and people in hard hats hauling I-beams and laying down brick upon brick. Overheard is the cacophony of pounding sledgehammers, the roar of massive metal machines scooping up piles of dirt, the thunderous engines of giant trucks and foremen shouting out instructions that only the well-honed ear could comprehend. Full story...

Robots on the run
With a little help from the Whiting School of Engineering, 20 high school students from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute spent part of their summer vacation learning how to build high-tech robots. At the close of the four-week program, the students brought their creations to the Homewood campus for a demonstration and competition. Full story...

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