The Johns Hopkins Gazette: August 28, 2000

August 28, 2000
VOL. 29, NO. 44

New info on how cancer grows, spreads
Orientation 2000: The show will go on
Job Opportunities
Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

All eyes on Hopkins, 24/7
It is no stretch to say that so-called reality TV has reached phenomenon status. In the past few months, hours of people's lives have been spent watching others struggling to stay on an island, co-habitating in sterile living quarters and wanting to be a millionaire.
   Now, with ABC's groundbreaking six-part documentary series Hopkins 24/7, the action gets even more real--and for those on the East Baltimore campus, real familiar, too.
   The wait is over, the VCRs are set on "record," and now it's time to see Baltimore's own elite academic medical institution come to life on the small screen. Full story...

Gates gives SPH fourth major grant
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded grants of $20 million each to the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health and the University of Maryland School of Medicine to develop a new type of measles vaccine that, for the first time, would protect infants younger than 9 months old and dramatically reduce the suffering and death rate from measles in developing countries.
   "Finding a safe and effective vaccine to protect the world's youngest children against measles is an urgent global health priority," said Bill Foege, senior health adviser at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. "We are tremendously hopeful that this collaboration between two major research facilities will speed the development of this important vaccine and ultimately help save millions of children's lives." Full story...

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