The Johns Hopkins Gazette: December 4, 2000

December 4, 2000
VOL. 30, NO. 13

E-security institute is announced
First gene therapy to calm pigs' out-of-sync hearts
Vote count leads economist to Florida
University and health system appoint first head for all real estate
School of Public Health establishes joint center with Georgetown Law
Ready, set, Lego!
Job Opportunities
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Reaching into the community
Once a month at the House of Ruth in East Baltimore, a group of women gather in a room with tube socks and lunch bags full of dried rice. Not accouterments of some nouveau recipe, the items are supplies for an aromatherapy workshop.
   The class is led by Christiani Guerrero, an undergraduate at the School of Nursing and one of 14 current Baltimore Schweitzer Fellows. As part of her fellowship, Guerrero is developing a wellness program for the House of Ruth, a shelter for women and children seeking refuge from abusive homes. The other wellness classes she administers include ones on nutrition, exercise and child safety. Full story...

New X-ray facility opens in Jenkins
Workers lifted the heart of a new structural analysis center into Homewood's Jenkins Hall last week, using a crane to swing a 1,600-pound Rigaku X-ray generator into a ground-floor window.
   The Homewood Center for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography will allow scientists from a variety of Hopkins departments to conduct detailed analyses of the structures of proteins and nucleic acids.
   "These structures can convey an enormous amount of information and will permit us to gain insight into proteins that we couldn't obtain any other way," says Joel Schildbach, assistant professor in the Krieger School's Biology Department and principal investigator of the grant funding the center.

Full story...

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