The Johns Hopkins Gazette: December 18, 2000

December 18, 2000
VOL. 30, NO. 15

Mouse allergy contributes to inner-city asthma
Finding: Korean Americans at risk for high blood pressure
Open or closed? Here's how to get snow emergency information
Particulate air pollution needs to be controlled, study shows
Job Opportunities
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A&S student is a Rhodes Scholar
The interview had been tough. The questions were challenging, designed as much to see how you would react as to elicit information.
   The competition was tough too. Anyone in the room, Wes Moore had concluded, was a more than reasonable choice for a Rhodes Scholarship.
   "You were thinking you had done pretty well, but not feeling as confident as you should," Moore recalled later.
   Then, after deliberating, the selection committee for a six-state area including Maryland was ready to announce the four Rhodes winners for its district. Full story...

Downtown Center is set to open
Baltimore's financial district will soon shine a little brighter as the university is ready to flip on the switch of the new Downtown Center of the School of Professional Studies in Business and Education.
   The glass-sheathed facility, located at the southwest corner of Charles and Fayette streets, is set to open on Jan. 2, 2001, when intersession classes begin. The 35,000-square-foot building replaces the former, smaller Downtown Center located several blocks north at Charles and Saratoga streets.
   Ralph Fessler, dean of SPSBE, said the new center, an "architectural gem," represents a renewed commitment to the university's partnership with the downtown business community. Full story...

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