The Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 14, 2000

February 14, 2000
VOL. 29, NO. 22

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Spotlight on global issues
The 2000 Johns Hopkins Symposium on Foreign Affairs kicks off next Monday, Feb. 21, with an impressive lineup of six speakers who will touch on a broad number of topics, all related to the theme of globalization.
   Economics, culture, business, diplomacy and technology are among the areas to be covered.
   "We wanted the symposium to be equally as attractive to an IR major as it would be to the engineering student or the econ major," says Aparna Saraf, a junior international relations major and a co-director of the symposium. "We wanted it to be kind of appealing to everyone, because it's something that affects all of our lives." Full story...

'ER' crew visits campus for MSE Symposium on media
On Saturday night, Feb. 5, the Shriver Hall stage had all the earmarkings of a panel discussion.
   Podium, check.
   Tables and chairs, check.
   Pitchers of ice water, got 'em.
   But then, when the lights were turned down, something inexplicable happened. To put a twist on an old line: We went to a media symposium, and a rock concert broke out. The applause and whistles began instantly, and some attendees even leaped out of their seats and started clapping as if to request a curtain call. Had Ricky Martin just entered the building? Full story...

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