The Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 21, 2000
February 21, 2000
VOL. 29, NO. 23


For The Record:

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in January 2000. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Walker, Virginia L., 36 years, MSE Library

35 years of service
Overstreet, Edith A., MSE Library

20 years of service
Bowers, Lillian B., MSE Library

15 years of service
Boney, Treva N., CTY

5 years of service
Gouel, Therese G., JHPIEGO
Lewison, Dana, JHPIEGO
Mazziott, Karen A., JHPIEGO
Norton, Theresa Canova, JHPIEGO
Tamberg, Andreas Walter, JHPIEGO
Wittstadt, Bonnie Lynn, MSE Library


Torgerson, Lorraine, 25 years, Chemistry

35 years of service
Suter, Jean, Earth and Planetary Sciences

15 years of service
Young, Sharon M., French

5 years of service
Gerasimova, Tatiana, Biology
Woodward, Ann D., History of Art


5 years of service
Laderman, Jacob, Electrical Engineering


20 years of service
Markel, Marsha, Auxiliary Enterprises Office

15 years of service
O'Neil, D. Lynn, Student Employment and Payroll Services

10 years of service
Fisher, Barbara Ann, Student Services


Ford, Suzanne W., 35 years, Marketing
[Editor's note: In January's "Milestones," Ford was incorrectly listed as having five years of service.]

10 years of service
Burris, Glen M., Book Design


Frankel, Tatyana, 20 years, Oncology
Remley, Betty Ann, 15 years, OB-GYN
Wheeler, Barbara B., 21 years, Clinical Immunology

35 years of service
McCracken, Andrea, Ophthalmology

25 years of service
Sherman, Elaine Marie, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
White, Regina Ann, Oncology
Woodland, Michelle D., Psychiatry

20 years of service
Benac, Susan L., Medicine
Cooper, Elaine, Oncology
Grap, Nancy C., Medicine
Hill, Deborah, Industrial Research Liaison Office
Hyer, Peggy, General Clinical Research Centers
O'Neill, Patricia Ann, Cell Biology and Anatomy

15 years of service
Karas, Frances, Medicine
Lowery, Rebecca F., Neurology
Pratzer, Kimberly A., Ophthalmology
Purvis, Shirley Hope, Pediatrics
Ryan, Jeanne Marie, Continuing Education
Sanok-Orndorff, Leslie, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Whaley, Susan L., Clinical Immunology
Yingling, John, Behavioral Pharmacology (BPRU)

10 years of service
Butler, Jean, Clinical Immunology
Devanzo, Jeffrey A., Safety/Radiation Control
Dobbs, Barbara, Surgery
Gambrill, Pamela, Urology Billing Office
Gibson, Mary S., OB-GYN
Hand, Tracey A., Neuroscience
Harrison, Stephen J., Medicine
Hegedeos, Steven K., Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Hooper, Sharon, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
James, Christine, Physicians Billing Service
James, Kim, Oncology
Johnson, Beverly A., Neurology
Keenan, Joyce Lynn, Ophthalmology
Lincoln, Kevin L., Clinical Practice Association
Miller, Jerry S., Maintenance
Morsberger, Laura A., Pathology
Paddy, Richard G., Pathology
Robinson, Sherry D., Genetic Medicine
Sellers, Elizabeth, Oncology Billing Office
Shipley, Janet C., Ophthalmology
Sommerfeld, Annette R., Physicians Billing Service

5 years of service
Arrington, Kelly Rae, Good Samaritan Hospital
Boyd, Angela, Radiology Billing Office
Brennan, Roberta L., Psychiatry Billing Office
Brooks, Priscilla, Medicine
Brown, Donna, Physicians Billing Service
Burbul, Mary C., Surgery Billing Office
Cahill, Kathleen, Biomedical Engineering
Courtney, Nancy L., Pathology Billing Office
Crippen, Dorothy, Dermatology Billing Office
Dunn, Carolyn H., Ophthalmology
Gaines, Barbara, Radiology Billing Office
Green, Pearl M., OB-GYN Billing Office
Hackman, Judith, Medicine
Hale, Vera J., Oncology Billing Office
Holt, Shawn, Urology Billing Office
Jackson, Sandra, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Lamdin, Mary F., Pediatrics
Lloyd, Deborah A., Green Spring Station
Lonesome, Marcheta S., Neurology Billing Office
Manning, Ida R., Neurology Billing Office
Morrell, James Charles, Biological Chemistry
Pierorazio, Christine M., Medicine
Rappold, Shirley C., Ophthalmology Billing Office
Reather, Ellen G., Medicine
Redd, Zandra L., Psychiatry Billing Office
Riggin, Cathy L., Medicine
Ruble, Kathy, Oncology
Seipp, Michael, HEBCAC
Sewell, Anna, Safety and Environmental Health
Smith, Cecilia M., Otolaryngology Billing Office
Sparks, Paula B., Green Spring Station
Stewart, Andrea E., Oncology Billing Office
Thomas, Gillyan G., Surgery Billing Office
Twilde, Karin L., Oncology Administration
Walker, Tanya N., Oncology Billing Office
Way, Phyllis J., Pathology Billing Office


15 years of service
Wilson, Kelly Lynne, Doctoral Program

5 years of service
Harvey, Tobey L., Center for Nursing Research
Romine, Pamela K., Graduate Instruction
Shearin, John Edward, Finance and Administration


5 years of service
Mason, Twana, Enrollment Management Services


Bongers, Hermine L. J., 29 years, Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Player, Annie, 31 years, Custodial Services
Thomas, Shirley, 10 years, Custodial Services
Thornton, Gertrude, 12 years, Custodial Services

30 years of service
Santana, Julio, Maintenance of Buildings

20 years of service
Hurd, Ruth Anne, Health Policy and Management

15 years of service
Krenn, Susan, Population Communication Services
Plott, Paul Bernard, Environmental Health Sciences

10 years of service
Chadwick, Karen Ruth, Immunology and Infectious Diseases

5 years of service
Baker, Pamela Yvette, ORS Personnel
Gray, Roberta, Epidemiology
Holmes, Paul Meays, Institute for International Programs
Knox, Jennifer Wierman, Population Communication Services
Mills, Gerard A., Custodial Services
Parham, Patrice E., Health Policy and Management
Robinson, Eric Jerome, Epidemiology


Simmons, Paula C., 14 years, Public Affairs

5 years of service
Ackley, Gayle E., Bologna Center
Elahi, Mohammad R., Computer Services


Booker, Ann C., 33 years, Human Resources Center for Training and Education
Fowlkes, Elaine, 12 years, Johns Hopkins Club
Holloway, McClellan, 10 years, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Kim, Hyu-Pae, 17 years, Housing Office
Ryan, Murray D., 25 years, Telecommunication Services

30 years of service
Bush, Jodell G., Plant Operations and Maintenance

25 years of service
McClain, Stephen M., Vice Provost and Director of European Office

15 years of service
Blair, Mary Kleinhans, Development and Alumni Relations
Lunn, Daniel J., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Pellegrini, Cassandra R., Central Purchasing
Roberts, Richard L., Plant Operations and Maintenance

10 years of service
Cartaxo, Glenn J., Human Resources Benefits Administration
Inouye, Irene K., Development Fund
O'Brien, Doreena, Administrative Computer Operations
Sollanek, Karen L., University Budget Office
White, Charles, Plant Operations and Maintenance

5 years of service
Eldridge, David B., III, Power Plant
Hoffmeyer, Suzanne K., University Budget Office
Regula, Maryann T., Printing Services
Renwick, Ben A., Evergreen House