The Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 31, 2000

July 31, 2000
VOL. 29, NO. 42

Sign of the times: Logo celebrates 125th
William Fastie, 83, 'father of Hopkins space program'
Hopkins astronomers catch comet blowing its top
History of Art professor named dean of center at National Gallery of Art
Food, fun and sculpture
Job Opportunities
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TV documentary explores nursing
The 9-year-old girl had arrived by helicopter at The Johns Hopkins Hospital after having been struck by a car going 30 miles an hour. In the Emergency Department trauma room, doctors buzzed around her, examining charts, monitoring vital signs, exchanging words regarding the next course of action. The girl lay there confused and scared. She did not know what was wrong with her. What were these people doing? Where were her parents?
   Then came a reassuring voice from nearby, a voice that said everything was going to be all right, that her parents had just stepped out. Perhaps most important, the voice imparted to her that she was not alone; someone was there for her. The girl reached out and was met with the firm grasp of a hand, a human lifeline to cling to in her time of need.
   These were the words and actions of a nurse, a calming oasis of support in the often stressful confines of a hospital. Full story...

Gates gives $20 million to SPH
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health $20 million to find the precise combination of vitamins and other micronutrients that will most effectively save lives and prevent illness among impoverished mothers and children in the developing world.
   The grant--the foundation's third to the School of Public Health in just over three years--will be used to strengthen and expand time-critical research already planned or under way in Nepal, Bangladesh, Ghana, Zanzibar and India.
   "The results of these studies are likely to prove crucial to the well-being and survival of millions of women and children a year," said William R. Brody, president of Hopkins. "The university is grateful to Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundation for making it possible for us to do this research thoroughly and quickly, so that it will have the broadest possible impact." Full story...

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