The Johns Hopkins Gazette: June 19, 2000
June 19, 2000
VOL. 29, NO. 39


Celebrating 20 Years and More

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

Two hundred sixty-six staff members celebrated more than 20 years of service or retired from the university this year, and 157 of them turned out with their colleagues and families to be recognized at a dinner held recently at Homewood's Glass Pavilion. Collectively, the group represented more than 3,905 years of service.

"Many organizations claim to value their employees and staff, but at a university, people are absolutely the most critical component," said President William R. Brody in his opening remarks. "We can have the biggest library, the most beautiful campus, the finest collection of buildings and laboratories and classrooms in the world. But without the right people, all these things have little value. You are what makes this happen. Your stability, your common sense and initiative, your skillful leadership and expertise in all the varied departments you represent have helped make this university the great institution it is today."

For the record, this year's honorees include 54 retirees; 98 staff members with 20 years of service; 41 with 25; 18 with 30; 11 with 35; four with 40; one with 45; one with 55; and 38 staff members with 36 or more years, though not celebrating a milestone anniversary.

President William R. Brody greets guests.

Stan and Charlotte Friedman with Minnie Hargrow

Nancy Norris and Binnie Bailey

Julia Harden, Donald McGill and Catherine McGill and Jeanette Harden

Okja and Chung Oh with Agnes and William Elwood