The Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 6, 2000
March 6, 2000
VOL. 29, NO. 26



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News on Homewood's e-classrooms from Graham Bouton, technology services administrator of Research and Instructional Technologies, and Lee Watkins, director of Research and Instructional Technologies:

With the March 10 dedication of Shaffer Hall's Room 1 as the newest addition to the e-classroom pool, Homewood will now have four fully computer-equipped and multimedia-capable teaching facilities supported jointly by the schools of Engineering and Arts and Sciences. This newest e-classroom, made possible by a donation from Microsoft Research and opened just in time for the spring semester, is already in heavy demand including use by statistics classes, a course on gene identification and another on high-speed circuits.

In the past these shared technology classrooms were managed independently and thus were not widely available and robustly supported. Now, however, Research and Instructional Technologies, a division of Hopkins IT Services, manages the technology infrastructure, professor and instructor training and support, and day-to-day operations. And, thanks in part to the new arrangements and enhanced program, today we are glad to report that three times as many classes are utilizing these e-classrooms as compared to the same time last year.

The new Microsoft room contains 25 computers, two dual-processor servers and related software. Each student workstation consists of a 500MHz Pentium III computer with a high-performance graphics card and a partially recessed 19-inch monitor for better sightline with the instructor.

The instructor's workstation has touch-screen controls for the high-intensity ceiling mounted LCD projector, VCR, document camera (for displaying books and other 3D objects) and laptop video input port. The room's audio system is ready for either computer or VCR sound output. High speed (100Mb) network connectivity is available both within the classroom and to the campus network, and a JCard reader allows automated entry for faculty, TA's and other authorized users.

Anyone interested in reserving a technology classroom for instructional uses or research-related demonstrations is encouraged to visit the RIT Instructional & Technology Facilities website at

This site contains detailed information on all of the shared technology classrooms and how to reserve them. For more information, contact Graham Bouton at 410-516-5565 or

Q: I cannot log on to my email account. What do I do?

A: You should call Support Services at 410-516-HELP. This issue can either be a disabled account, an incorrect password or an expired account. In most cases, this can be corrected immediately.

Q: I think my computer has a virus. What should I do?

A: Be sure to have Norton Anti-Virus installed. The product is free for faculty, staff and students of JHU. You may download this program from If you still have difficulties, telephone Support Services for additional assistance.

(Note: If the virus came via an attachment, you should notify the person who sent it to you and you should NOT forward it on to anyone else.)

Q: How do I send an attachment in PINE? [PINE is a UNIX-based e-mail package.]

A: Follow these four steps.

1. Compose the message.
2. Use "Control-J" to attach the file. This will ask for the file name. If the file is in your home directory, and you know the name, type it in here. If not, depress "Control-T" to list the files in the home directory.
3. Depress "S" to select.
4. Continue and/or send the message.

Q: I would like to set up an e-mail alias. What is the process and how long does this take?

A: To set up an e-mail alias, go to then select JHU E-mail Alias Registration, and follow the procedures. Setup takes approximately two pay periods.

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