The Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 13, 2000

March 13, 2000
VOL. 29, NO. 27

Urban Health Council sets priorities
Brain cell 'chorus' appears as attention increases
Noted writer Grace Paley to give Ringel Lecture
Falling snow can create nuisance underwater
UPS' Kelly visits campus
Spread of HIV in Southeast Asia linked to overland heroin trafficking routes
Poet Adele Holden to read this week
Mathematicians to hold annual conference at Hopkins
The glory of an early spring
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Clinton gives address at SAIS
President Clinton laid out his case for establishing "permanent normal trade relations" with China in a March 8 speech held at the university's School of Advanced International Studies in Washington. The visit marked the first time a sitting U.S. president has made a major address at the 56-year-old institution.
   Earlier in the day Clinton sent legislation to Congress that would grant China permanent trading privileges in the U.S. market, a status, he said, that would allow Americans to "share in the economic benefits of China joining the World Trade Organization."
   "Supporting China's entry into the WTO, however, is about more than our economic interests," Clinton said. "It is clearly in our larger national interest. It represents the most significant opportunity that we have had to create positive change in China since the 1970s, when President Nixon first went there." Full story...

Homewood's master plan goes on fast track
A significant portion of the new Homewood campus master plan is about to make the leap from the drawing board to physical reality.
   President William R. Brody announced at a town meeting in Shriver Hall on Friday that an anonymous donor is backing an ambitious effort to transform the outdoor space across the majority of the campus.
   The donor wants to make it happen over the summer, Brody says. In just 90 days, from just after commencement to just before freshman check-in on Labor Day weekend, construction crews will swarm over swaths of campus covering about 24 acres, from University Parkway south to Shriver Hall, and from the AMR quad west to Decker Garden and the Bloomberg Center.
   They'll uproot asphalt sidewalks and roads, and lay down brick walkways in their place. They'll implement a plan to take most cars and trucks from the core of campus, diverting deliveries and dropoffs to areas nearer the perimeter. They'll install new landscaping in the quads, with consistent lighting fixtures and benches. Full story...

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