The Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 1, 2000

May 1, 2000
VOL. 29, NO. 34

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Undergrads head to Thailand
Along the Thai-Myanmar border, refugee camps house more than 100,000 Burmese who have fled forced labor, relocations, summary executions and other atrocities in their home country, Myanmar, formerly Burma.
   This summer, two Hopkins undergraduates will work alongside international relief workers helping to feed and provide medical and mental health care to these displaced people. Thanks to an anonymous donor, the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences will provide annually two all-expenses-paid internships for undergraduate students to spend 10 weeks over the summer with Burmese refugees in Thailand. Under the aegis of the International Rescue Committee, these students will work with refugees and collect and assess data to evaluate community health programs at the sites. The two Hopkins students will be in separate refugee camps; one will focus on disease research, the other on mental health issues.
   "This is an extraordinary opportunity for an undergraduate," says Steven David, associate dean for academic affairs, who administers the new internships. "They will experience what it's like to help people but also have hands-on experience doing important international public health research." Full story...

Second Decade Society goes, and gives, back to school
When Deborah Jeffrey is not in a Washington, D.C., court litigating a white-collar crime, you might find her lecturing in an undergraduate seminar, trying to raise money for undergraduate programs or advising a student on possible career choices. Jeffrey, who graduated from Hopkins in 1982, feels as if she is once again part of the university, and the beauty is, Jeffrey says, she never had to quit her day job.
   Jeffrey is happily tapped into undergraduate student life these days as an executive member of the Second Decade Society, the leadership development organization for the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.
   On April 28 the organization celebrated its 10th anniversary and now fittingly prepares to enter its own second decade of service. Full story...

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