The Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 13, 2000

November 13, 2000
VOL. 30, NO. 11

New Method Predicts Response to Chemo
Cuneiform Scholars Take High-Tech Road to Translation
Libraries' Electronic Resources Can Now Be Accessed with Any ISP
Job Opportunities
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Team Time for Education Researchers
There is a reason why the associate research scientists, or "the young guys," at the Center for Social Organization of Schools are such a congenial, tight-knit community of scholars. Back in 1995, when the first batch of them were hired, they formed a group called ARS (for associate research scientists) and made a point to meet once a month to talk about their research, exchange ideas and offer each other support as they navigate their way through publishing their work and toward becoming principal researchers.
   Members of that group are now viewed by many as rising stars in national education research.
   "These guys represent the next generation of leaders of the center, says James McPartland, CSOS director. "And without question they are definitely on their way to becoming national leaders in their specialties." Full story...

Homewood To Get Five-Digit Dialing
Faced with a dwindling telephone-number pool, Telecommunication Services will soon be implementing a five-digit internal dialing process for the Homewood communications system. The changeover, targeted for year-end, will affect everyone in the university who dials within or into the Homewood system.
   The move to five-digit dialing was required due to the university's continued growth, specifically the creation of a campus at nearby Eastern High School, said Elizabeth Rodier, director of Telecommunication Services. Occupancy there is expected in March 2001. Full story...

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