The Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 5, 2000
September 5, 2000
VOL. 30, NO. 1


Also Over the Summer...

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The following is a sampling of stories that appeared in The Gazette between commencement and the start of this academic year. To read the text, logon to the Web sites indicated.

June 5

  • Commencement marks close of 124th academic year

  • Emergency Medicine celebrates 25 years of innovation

  • Mens' LAX coach John Haus leaves for post at North Carolina

  • Tony Dowgiewicz, director of internal auditing, resigns

  • University approves salary structure for FY01-2000/2001

  • June 19

  • JHMI research building on fast track

  • FUSE ends first year in great shape

  • University appoints executive director of facilities

  • Montgomery Campus opens second building

  • Larry Benedict, dean of Homewood Student Affairs, takes post at MIT

  • Marguerite Sonneborn to be interim director of Audits, Management Services

  • Former Blue Jays star Dave Pietramala named men's LAX coach

  • Numbers are in for the class of 2004

  • July 3

  • Urban Health Institute gets the go-ahead

  • Neurologist Dan Drachman honored for 40 years of work

  • July 17

  • Initiative tops goal at $1.52 billion

  • U.S. News gives JHH top spot for 10th year

  • SPSBE adds master of science in finance degree

  • Hopkins history: Henry Augustus Rowland, first faculty member

  • July 31

  • Gates Foundation gives $20 million to SPH

  • Discovery Health Channel films nursing documentary at Hopkins

  • Susan Boswell appointed interim dean of Homewood Student Affairs

  • Aug. 14

  • Homewood revamps its delivery system

  • Steve Campbell oversees the university's all-time biggest building boom

  • Aug. 28

  • Gates gives SPH fourth major grant

  • East Baltimore awaits premiere of ABC's Hopkins 24/7

  • Orientation committee prepares for class of 2004