The Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 25, 2000
September 25, 2000
VOL. 30, NO. 4


Center for Educational Resources Is Set

Facility, based in Sheridan Libraries, will support faculty in use of new media

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The university has announced the creation a new Center for Educational Resources to support faculty in the use of new media and digital technology in education.

Based in the Sheridan Libraries, the center will serve as a planning and production resource to enable faculty to develop supplements to campus-based courses, Web-based distance education courses and digital resource kits. As a resource for the Homewood community, it will expand upon the work currently being done by the Digital Knowledge Center and by Homewood Information Technology Services.

In addition, the center will conduct research on the impact of technology in improving instructional techniques. It also will examine how technology can be used to provide advanced high school students and older, nontraditional students expanded access to university resources.

Candice Dalrymple has been appointed associate dean and director of the center. Dalrymple was formerly associate dean for external programs in the Whiting School of Engineering, where she was responsible for technology-related initiatives and academic oversight of the technical communication program. As chair of SEDE, the university's Subcommittee on Electronic and Distance Education, she has coordinated institutional initiatives in Web-based instruction since 1995.

Dalrymple's initial focuses will be on planning, grants and fund raising to sustain and expand the work of the center, and on the creation of a new facility. Once operational, the center will provide a broad range of resources, including personnel and expertise for production of digitally enhanced courseware; guidance in instructional design; short courses for graduate students and faculty on uses of instructional technology; and assistance for research and grant writing to generate external funding for interdisciplinary digital initiatives.

"The expanding collaboration between the libraries and faculty in the application of technology to teaching and learning will be enriched by the creation of the Center for Educational Resources at the Sheridan Libraries," says James Neal, dean of university libraries. "The center provides an exciting opportunity to further the development of enhanced Web-based course design and instructional techniques."

Initial support for the Center for Educational Resources is being provided by a grant from the Hodson Trust. Settled by the family of Beneficial Corporation founder Col. Clarence Hodson, the Hodson Trust since 1920 has donated more than $93 million to four Maryland colleges for merit scholarships, technology improvements, library expansion, research grants and building construction. In addition to Hopkins, the Maryland institutions receiving Hodson Trust gifts are Washington, Hood and St. John's colleges.