The Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 5, 2001

November 5, 2001
VOL. 31, NO. 10

University issues precautionary recommendations for handling mail
Henderson to head new U.S. Office of Public Health Preparedness
Health Powers Act would help states respond quickly to health threats
Search begins for School of Nursing dean
Krieger School graduate students offer a 'time of reflection'
A celebration of cultures begins this week at Homewood
Movement of single molecules imaged in live organism
Friday fun: the United Way flea market
Job Opportunities
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Bioterrorism puts Center in headlines
The term public health has a certain irony for those working in the field, according to Alfred Sommer. Oftentimes, the less the public knows about what they're doing, the better.
   As compared to medical colleagues who are lauded for the discovery of a miracle cure or a life-saving procedure, Sommer says, those in public health are not often front-page news.
   "What we do is not very sexy," says Sommer, the dean of the Bloomberg School of Public Health. "When we are successful, nothing happens."
   Before Sept. 11, the Bloomberg School's Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies existed in relative obscurity for the nation at large. Yet, in a time when it's difficult to go 10 minutes without hearing the words anthrax and bioterrorism, it's clear the center and its principals' days of anonymity are over. Full story...

Meet the mediator
Kevin McDonald says his new office needs "plant life." Nothing fancy, he says, just a few small touches to add some warmth and color. The addition of plants would be a fitting gesture for the university's compliance and conflict resolution coordinator, a newly created position that McDonald filled on Sept. 14. For someone striving to create a more inclusive and healthier work environment, he says, a little warmth can go a long way. Full story...

Bridge-building Event Puts Pasta, and Students, to the Test
The annual Spaghetti Bridge Contest, which requires engineering students to focus their skills on a popular cooking ingredient, will be staged this year at a new location. Students will pit their pasta creations against one another on Sunday, Nov. 11, in the Glass Pavilion at Levering Hall. Full story...

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