The Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 5, 2001
November 5, 2001
VOL. 31, NO. 10


University Issues Precautionary Recommendations for Handling Mail

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

No case of anthrax has occurred among Johns Hopkins employees, and there is no reason to believe that Hopkins is being targeted or that delivery of a contaminated letter to Hopkins is likely.

As precautions, however, the university and Johns Hopkins Health System have recommended new procedures to protect those who handle significant amounts of mail.

In recent weeks, all mail room staff have been strongly advised to wear appropriate gloves and masks at all times while working. In addition, secretaries, administrative assistants and others who routinely handle mail as part of their jobs should consider wearing appropriate gloves.

Supervisors can obtain gloves from the supply store that serves your campus. Red bags for biohazard disposal should be used for the disposal of gloves in all university buildings. Red bags are not needed in Johns Hopkins Hospital buildings, since all trash there is handled through biohazard disposal.

Instructions for proper procedure for removing and disposing of gloves will be posted at

A video with instructions for proper use and disposal of the gloves is expected to be online sometime this coming week at

If you come in contact with a package or mail that appears suspicious, you should take the following steps:

1. Do not open or handle the item.

2. Put the item down gently.

3. Isolate the item if possible.

4. Call your campus Security Office immediately.

More information on dealing with suspicious mail is available at

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