The Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 24, 2001

September 24, 2001
VOL. 31, NO. 4

HUT takes flight at the Smithsonian
In memoriam...
Hopkins and Maryland Public Radio sign sale agreement for WJHU
KKI, JHU, UMMS, others ask Court of Appeals to reconsider lead paint issues
Job Opportunities
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In tragedy's wake, hope and faith
In the Bunting-Meyerhoff Interfaith and Community Service Center, a solitary green candle burns bright. Sharon Kugler, university chaplain, lit the candle as a symbol of hope in the wake of the catastrophic events of Sept. 11. Amid the fear and anger, Kugler says, the response of the Johns Hopkins community has given her much cause to hope.
   The Sept. 13 memorial vigil for victims of the terrorist attack was a tearful gathering that brought together about 1,500 Hopkins faculty, students and staff. And hundreds of students have sought out the Interfaith Center, either to attend services there, or for silent personal prayer. Full story...

Improving outcomes for city's youth
For parents everywhere, providing a safe and healthy environment for their child to grow up in is an essential goal. But for parents in Baltimore's most economically depressed and physically distressed neighborhoods, building such an environment and providing for the well-being of their kids can seem like an insurmountable task.
   But now help is available to these families through a unique collaborative effort known as Baltimore's Success by 6 Partnership, an initiative designed to give children healthier starts in life. Full story...

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