The Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 26, 2001

November 26, 2001
VOL. 31, NO. 12

Search for new SAIS dean in progress
Governor Glendening receives President's Medal
Peter Newman, professor emeritus, dies
The garden of eatin'
Blood donors needed this week
Water panel starts 'conversation' between religion and science
APL joins the search for water on Mars
Flea market keeps United Way numbers rising
Applications available for Provost's Undergraduate Research Awards
APL licenses international rights to retinal treatment method
Job Opportunities
Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

Admissions, post-Sept. 11
Whether directly or indirectly, the tragedy of Sept. 11 and its aftermath have left few sectors of American society unaffected. On that list include college admissions offices. Nationwide, admissions officials are wondering what impact recent events will have on the application process, both in terms of who will apply and the paperwork getting through the postal system.
   One of the prevailing suspicions is that more students than usual will opt to attend higher education institutions closer to home. These days, many people--prospective college students and their families included--feel a need to stay near loved ones and are also wary of air travel. Full story...

$150 million donated for cancer
Sidney Kimmel, founder and chairman of Jones Apparel Group, has donated $150 million to Johns Hopkins for cancer research and patient care--the largest single gift ever to the university. With more than a third of the gift already received, the Hopkins Cancer Center officially will be called the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins.
   Kimmel, the son of a West Philadelphia cab driver, had no previous association with Hopkins, nor has he ever been treated for cancer.
   Speaking of his gift, Kimmel said, "I am blessed. To be able to support one of the leading institutions in the world and build on its momentum gives so much meaning to what we have all done thus far to defeat cancer and provides even more hope for what can now be accomplished. My goal with this gift is to make meaningful advances in our knowledge of cancer." Full story...

Scientist sanctioned over drug trial in India
A Johns Hopkins University scientist tested experimental cancer drugs on patients in India without required federal or university approvals and without adequate preliminary tests in animals, a faculty investigative committee has found.
   The committee, appointed last summer to investigate allegations regarding the clinical trial, submitted its report to Richard E. McCarty, dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. Full story...

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