The Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 29, 2001
January 29, 2001
VOL. 30, NO. 19


Job Opportunities

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The Johns Hopkins University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age disability or veteran status with regard to admission or employment or in any student program or activity administered by the university.
   This is a partial list of jobs currently available. A current list with descriptions can be found on the Web at


Office of Human Resources
119 Garland Hall, 410-516-8048
Job posting boards
Garland Hall, first floor; Gilman Hall, ground floor

Pay Grade Position Job Number
93 Manager, Applications Systems L00-6664
93 Sr. Systems Software Engineer (several) L00-6776
93 Team Leader, Systems, Support Services U00-6697
92 Mobile Computer Program Manager L00-6731
92 Associate Registrar, Data Management L00-6788
91 Database Applications Developer E00-6777
91 Web/Database Administrator, SPSBE (CTE) E00-6682
90 Microcomputer Support Specialist II P00-6720
89 Microcomputer Support Specialist P00-6724
89 Technical Support Specialist S00-6708
43 Asst. Director, MBA Program E00-6654
41 Administrative Manager G00-6672
41 Sr. Undergraduate Academic Adviser E00-6674
41 Consortium Administrator, IMBS (WSE) G00-6749
41 Coordinator, Academic Programs S00-6733
41 Instructional Facilitator (several) S00-6795
40 Accountant III and IV U00-6722
40 Asst. Coordinator, Academic Programs (several) S00-6706
40 Asst. Director, Financial Aid/Technical Services Y00-6763
40 Sr. Research Technician G00-6736
40 Technical Director, Homewood Arts Program L00-6723
39 Admin. Asst./Supervisor S00-6732
39 Asst. Program Coordinator S00-6707
39 Media Relations Representative E00-6751
39 Development Program Coordinator (several) G00-6767
39 Records Coordinator, Graduate Studies L00-6779
39 Research Asst. II P00-6765
39 Admin. Asst. II S00-6787
38 Admin. Asst. (several) P00-6684
38 Director, JHU Band (part-time) L00-6683
38 Online Production Specialist II C00-6704
38 Research Technician P00-6783
38 Benefits Representative U00-6789
37 AV/Computer Classroom Technician S00-6752
37 Admin. Secretary (several) E00-6738
37 Department Academic Asst. P00-6756
37 Financial Aid Asst. III E00-6718
37 Information Services Asst. E00-6771
37 Publicity Asst. C00-6762
37 Sales and Promotions Coordinator C00-6761
37 Sr. Lab Tech. II P00-6675
37 Student Accounts Asst. III Y00-6694
37 Annual Giving Asst. U00-6774
37 Equipment Technician G00-6785
35 Library Asst. II (several) S00-6710

Schools of
Public Health
and Nursing

Office of Human Resources
2021 E. Monument St., 410-955-3006
Job posting boards
Public Health Building, lower level; Hampton House, lower level; School of Nursing, third floor

Pay Grade Position Job Number
91 Database Administrator, SASS H-01-1617
91 Research Data Manager H-00-915
91 Statistical Programmer/Data Analyst H-00-1009
90 Web Systems Developer H-00-1238
90 Microcomputer Support Specialist II H-00-1202
89 Web Programmer H-01-1690
44 Sr. Admin. Manager II H-00-1209
44 Chief, Media Advocacy and Policy Research H-00-890
42 Technical Development Officer II H-00-1649
41 Project Coordinator H-01-1586
40 Sr. Lab Coordinator H-00-1426
40 Web Site Writer H-00-590
40 Regional Office Administrator H-00-1489
40 Technical Writer II H-00-1545
39 Budget Analyst II H-01-1731
39 Research Technician II H-01-1729
39 Community Project Coordinator H-00-1477
39 Financial Analyst H-00-924
39 Research Asst. II H-00-1096
38 Research Asst. H-00-1099
38 Environmental Sampling Technician H-00-1089
38 Admissions Records Specialist H-01-1627
38 Admin. Asst. H-00-1407
38 Computer Data Asst. II H-00-1167
38 Accounting Specialist H-00-1080
37 Admin. Secretary H-00-1353
37 Research Data Asst. II H-00-1253
37 Sr. Lab Technician II H-00-1511
37 Admissions Asst. IV H-00-1723
37 Regional Office Asst. III H-00-1746
36 Credit Union Asst. II, Imaging H-00-1510
36 Research Interviewer III H-00-1138
37 Secretary/Receptionist H-00-283
35 Teller H-01-1664
35 Secretary II H-00-1513
34 Receptionist/Office Clerk H-00-446
07 Maintenance Mechanic I H-00-1421
07 Groundskeeper H-00-115
01 Custodian H-00-1114
01 Custodian H-00-1115

School of

Office of Human Resources
1830 E. Monument St., 410-955-2989
Job posting boards
1830 Building, ground floor; JHH, several locations; Outpatient Center, ground level; Bayview Medical Center Asthma & Allergy Center, Atrium elevator lobby

Pay Grade Position Job Number
42 Research Specialist 99M2264
42 Sr. Research Program Coordinator II/Manager 99M2709
42 Nurse Practitioner/Clinic Manager 00M2957
41 Financial Manager 00M2554
41 Biostatistician 00M2952
41 Admin. Asst. II/Manager 00M2153
41 Lab Manager 99M3856
40 Sr. Research Tech. 00M2900
40 Sr. Lab Coordinator 99M2776
40 Admin. Asst. II/Supervisor 99M3860
39 Research Tech. II 00M2506
39 Clinic Coordinator/Supervisor 00M2988
39 Research Tech. II 99M3130
39 Quality Assurance/Consult Coordinator 00M2722
39 Nutritionist II 00M2729
39 Research Program Coordinator 00M2154
38 Credentialing Coordinator 00M2451
38 Sr. Technology Licensing Asst. 99M3685
38 Administrative Asst. (several)
38 Research Tech. 00M2278
38 Research Tech. 00M2308
38 Research Program Coordinator 00M2283
38 Research Tech. 00M2552
38 Research Tech. 99M3130
38 Research Tech. 99M3888
37 Sr. Lab Tech. II 00M2512
37 Sr. Lab Tech. II 00M2622
37 Department Library Specialist/Secretary III (several)
37 Immunogenetics Tech. Trainee II 00M2999
37 Admin. Secretary (several)
37 Medical Office Coordinator (several)
37 Sr. Patient Service Coordinator (several)
36 Sr. Lab Tech. 00M2439
36 Patient Service Coordinator (several)
35 Photo Billing Asst. II 00M2438
35 Research Interviewer/Data Asst. 99M3857
33 Mail Clerk II 00M2099
33 Mail Clerk II 00M2282
05 Animal Caretaker II (several)
05 Maintenance Worker (several)
03 Animal Caretaker I (several)
01 Custodian (several)