The Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 7, 2001

May 7, 2001
VOL. 30, NO. 33

Hopkins receives 2001 Governor's Award
Osler Textbook Room and lecture honor SOM co-founder
Academic Advising announces changes
Study finds men -- not women -- underrepresented in clinical trials
Research: Bone marrow stem cells may repair vital tissues and organs
Spring Fair + sun = three days of fun
Political scientist to study private entrepreneurs in China
Ability to bypass 'gatekeepers' does not lead to overuse of services
Job Opportunities
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$100 million pledged to fight malaria
An anonymous donor has pledged $100 million to the Bloomberg School of Public Health for a 10-year effort to rid the world of malaria by developing a new vaccine and drugs.
   The gift--the university's largest ever for a single purpose--will establish the Johns Hopkins Malaria Institute. The multidisciplinary center will combine traditional approaches with new weapons such as genomics and bioinformatics to take aim at a disease that kills an estimated 1 million to 2 million people a year and leaves hundreds of millions of others sick and destitute.
   "Malaria has long been a global scourge that drains the lives and finances of villages and whole countries every year, afflicting nearly half a billion people with acute disease," said Alfred Sommer, dean of the Bloomberg School. "A child is killed by malaria every 30 seconds of every hour of every day of every year. The donor has committed a fortune, not for personal reward but to win a victory for mankind." Full story...

Donaldson to step down as SON dean
Sue K. Donaldson, dean of the School of Nursing for seven years, announced last week she will step down at the end of the academic year to return to research and teaching.
   "This follows a plan carefully laid out at the time of my appointment to transition back to my scientific career when specific goals for the evolution and growth of the school were achieved," Donaldson said.
   "It has been a privilege and an honor to serve as the dean of the School of Nursing and as part of the administration of The Johns Hopkins University," Donaldson said. "The most significant measures of the School of Nursing's quality are the caliber of the students and the achievements of its graduates. They are, by any standard, the finest in the world, and their excellence continues the legacy of Hopkins Nursing." Full story...

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