The Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 29, 2001
May 29, 2001
VOL. 30, NO. 36


Celebrating 20 Years and More

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

Two hundred twelve staff members celebrated more than 20 years of service with the university this year, and a dinner was recently held in their honor at Homewood's Glass Pavilion, where they were joined by their guests and various vice presidents and deans. Collectively, the group represented 3,785 years of service.

Also honored were 55 people celebrating their retirement and 44 marking 36 or more years of service.

Jim Baraz, Minnie Hargrow and David Taylor

"Many organizations claim to value their employees and staff, but at a university people are absolutely the most critical component," said President William R. Brody. "We can have the biggest library, the most beautiful campus, the finest collection of buildings and laboratories and classrooms in the world, but without the right people all these things have little value."

Brenda Hargrow, Zan Baughan and Edith Overstreet

In recognition of the university's own milestone anniversary, its 125th, each of the 18 employees with 40 or more years of service was given a copy of Johns Hopkins: Knowledge for the World, autographed by President Brody and the book's author, Mame Warren.

For the record, this year's honorees included 77 people celebrating 20 years of service, 45 with 25, 26 with 30, 5 with 35, 3 with 40 and 1 with 45. The two employees who have been at Hopkins the longest--Minnie Hargrow for 54 years and Mamie Brown for 56--were both on hand to celebrate.

Miguel and Sara Flores

Mark and Francette Boling

Dean Susan Boswell, Dean Richard McCarty and Mike Amey

Sionie Geronimo and Priscilla Vaughan

Eleanor and Gary Manner

Jim McGill, Bob Lindgren and David Morgan

Margaret Galambos and Barbara Lamb

Jean and Donald Mills, and Linda and Neal Barnett

Iran Roach, Joyce Schwienteck and Biff Brown

Jesse and Hazel Moody