The Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 3, 2002

September 3, 2002
VOL. 32, NO. 1

Signal still lost, APL scales back monitoring of CONTOUR
Time Out With... Richard Sober, library denizen, painter/poet
Prof's software predicts how and when steel beams buckle
JHU scientists unexpectedly create epilepsy in rats
Bloomberg School assesses health of workers at WTC cleanup
Study reports 10-year surge in Maryland nonprofit employment
Reaching new heights
Job Opportunities
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Hello, Homewood
The strains of a Led Zeppelin tune crackling throughout Homewood's AMR plaza seemed to accentuate an already spirited mood as the class of 2006 began its two-day move-in on Friday. Full story...

United Way chairs set 2002 goals
Speaking as a chair of the upcoming 2002 United Way campaign, Ilene Busch-Vishniac says she doesn't see Johns Hopkins as a collection of divisions and departments, institutes and centers. What the dean of the Whiting School of Engineering does see is one large entity with a nearly unlimited potential for good.
   The theme for this year's campaign is "Make Your Caring Count," and Busch-Vishniac says that by participating in Hopkins' United Way effort, everyone can do just that.
   "Through the United Way we manage to leverage our funds to have the greatest impact," Busch-Vishniac says. "When we give together in a specific direction. we have far greater impact than we ever could individually." Full story...

Steering stem cells to produce new cartilage
Johns Hopkins researchers have caused stem cells from adult goats to grow into tissue that resembles cartilage, a key step toward creating a minimally invasive procedure that may one day be used to repair injured knees, noses and other body parts.
   In this method, doctors would inject a fluid filled with stem cells and nutrients into damaged tissue, then use light to harden the liquid into a stable gel. Although human testing remains years away, the researchers believe stem cells within the gel will multiply and form new bone or cartilage to replace the injured tissue. Full story...

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