The Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 6, 2002

May 6, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 33

Seven Hopkins seniors get big grad school gifts
Superfast flashes could help scientists see into atoms
Homewood Arts Program introduces SummerStage at Mattin Center
Diversity Leadership Council is seeking membership nominations
CHB scientists reveal how inner ear changes sound into electrical signal
CSOS study shows that technical education may reduce dropout rates
Report offers new guidance for managing anthrax attacks
IPS announces Abell award for best student paper on Baltimore problems
Scientists unravel complicated genetic disease in one fell swoop
SPSBE adds five undergrad offerings geared to changing workplace
Hopkins researchers test a new molecular marker for prostate cancer
Job Opportunities
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Hill named dean of Nursing
Martha Hill, a Johns Hopkins faculty member for 22 years and a national leader in the health community, has been appointed dean of the School of Nursing, effective July 1.
   Hill, who has served as the school's interim dean since July 1, 2001, was selected by a committee after a national search. The university's board of trustees approved her appointment on Sunday.
   President William R. Brody said that Hill was the clear choice to steer the future course of a division committed to excellence and growth. Full story...

Trustees set $2 billion goal for campaign
The Johns Hopkins Institutions have announced a $2 billion goal for a new fund-raising campaign to build and upgrade facilities on all Hopkins campuses, to strengthen endowment for student aid and faculty support, and to advance research, academic and clinical initiatives.
   More than $728 million already has been committed to the effort, which will be called The Johns Hopkins Campaign: Knowledge for the World and will benefit both the university and The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System. Though the campaign is being launched publicly now, it has been accepting advance gifts since July 1, 2000. It will end in 2007. Full story...

Hubba-Hubble! Images from ACS surpass expectations
Elated astronomers from Johns Hopkins, the Space Telescope Science Institute and NASA recently unveiled the first images taken by the Advanced Camera for Surveys, a new instrument installed in the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope in March.
   The new pictures contain beautiful vistas that include nebulas awash in glowing gas and dust, and galaxies colliding or merging on panoramic backdrops of more distant galaxies and proto-galaxies.
   "These are among the best images of the distant universe that humans have ever seen," said Holland Ford, astronomy professor in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and leader of the team that built the new camera. Full story...

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