The Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 8, 2002
July 8, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 39


Leslie D. Mancuso Is Named CEO of JHPIEGO Corp.

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

Leslie D. Mancuso, a leader in the international health community recognized for her pioneering work in neonatal and pediatric health care, has been appointed chief executive officer of JHPIEGO Corp., a not-for-profit Johns Hopkins University affiliate that works in more than 30 countries to improve health care access for women and their families.

Mancuso's career has focused on the training of nurses, physicians and other health care providers in neonatal, pediatric and critical health care. Her work has included extensive collaborations with major corporations, government ministries, bilateral and multilateral donor agencies and nongovernmental and professional organizations.

Leslie Mancuso comes to Johns Hopkins from Project HOPE, where she was senior vice president and COO. At JHPIEGO, she will oversee 300 employees working in more than 30 countries.

Mancuso's experience and stature "are what JHPIEGO needs at this time to maintain its leadership role in the international reproductive health care arena," according to Noel McIntosh, president of JHPIEGO (pronounced juh-PIE-go). McIntosh will continue as president, focusing his attention on JHPIEGO's scientific and technical leadership activities, while Mancuso, as CEO, shapes the organization's strategic objectives and leads its nearly 300 U.S.-based and overseas staff in attaining them.

Mancuso also will serve as an adjunct professor at the School of Nursing, teaching a graduate course in international health.

Theodore O. Poehler, vice provost for research, said, "Leslie's training and experience in nursing provide an additional element of linkage with Hopkins programs. We expect that to lead to increased interactions that will benefit both JHPIEGO and Hopkins schools."

Prior to joining JHPIEGO, Mancuso was the senior vice president and chief operating officer of Project HOPE, a $100 million not-for-profit organization active in the training of health care professionals and the provision of medicines and medical supplies in more than 30 low-income countries worldwide. Before that she was vice president of international medical operations at Project HOPE, which she joined in 1989 as the associate director of nursing.

Mancuso graduated from Southern Connecticut University in 1978 with a bachelor's degree in nursing. She received a master's degree in nursing in 1982 from the University of Pennsylvania, where in 1996 she earned a doctorate in organizational leadership. She recently completed the Executive Leadership Program at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Established in 1973, JHPIEGO Corp. works to improve the quality and accessibility of reproductive and child health care in economically impoverished areas through the development and management of innovative, practical and low-cost projects.