The Johns Hopkins Gazette: September 9, 2002

September 9, 2002
VOL. 32, NO. 2

Campuses mark 9/11 anniversary
Dual perspectives give science added insight into brain
Innovative partnership puts Maryland art resources online
Obituary: Eric Fyrberg, biology faculty member for two decades, dies at 51
OK, Now, Nobody Move
Novel kidney transplant technique prevents rejection
Job Opportunities
Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

Planning for the unthinkable
Gabe Kelen, chair of Emergency Medicine, is accustomed to dealing with crises. But for him, Sept. 11, 2001, was a wake-up call. In the event of an unfathomable disaster like a smallpox outbreak, would Hopkins be prepared? Could it protect its employees--and could it step in as a leader in a regional or national effort?
   For a year, he has been working to make sure the answer would be yes. Full story...

Jewish studies program established with gift
The Leonard and Helen Stulman Jewish Studies Program is being launched with a $5 million gift from the Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Charitable Foundation Inc. of Baltimore.
   Shale D. Stiller, president of the Stulman Foundation, called the gift to Johns Hopkins "a signal commitment from the foundation," which generally makes more modest grants focused on Jewish issues, health care, mental health, higher education and aging. "This is probably the largest single gift for Jewish education that has ever been made in Baltimore. The Stulman Foundation is particularly pleased to provide the impetus for this new program at Johns Hopkins at a time when the university is also making a commitment to encourage the development of various aspects of Jewish student life on the Homewood campus," Stiller said. Full story...

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