The Johns Hopkins Gazette: January 14, 2002

January 14, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 17

Did ancient supernova cause eco-catastrophe?
Using light beams to make microchips 'talk' faster
New contraceptive gel begins trials
Magnetic tag lets scientists track stem cells in living rat
Job Opportunities
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New voice for disability services
The image is a lasting one for Peggy Hayeslip. During a heavy snowstorm, she noticed a student in a wheelchair outside an academic building on the university campus where she was working at the time. The student stared dejectedly at an eye-level pile of snow that blocked the handicapped-accessible entrance. Hayeslip, who was recently named university disability coordinator at Johns Hopkins, says the scene evoked in her an odd mix of anger, sadness and respect.
   College can be a daunting experience both academically and socially for anyone, she says, but for those with disabilities, the hurdles are often multiplied. Rudimentary asks like reading a book, taking notes in class, typing a paper or navigating the campus can require intense efforts. Full story...

Grant account system goes 'live' today
The university unveils today a Hopkins-developed, Web-based system that its creators say will make managing and monitoring research grant accounts as simple as online banking.
   The Access to Financial Information system offers a direct and secure means for principal investigators and administrative staff at Johns Hopkins to peruse financial summaries--which are updated daily--of all their sponsored accounts. Full story...

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