The Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 14, 2002
Oct 14-20

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition



Tues., Oct. 15, 4:15 p.m. "The Two Faces of Bioorganic Chemistry," a Chemistry colloquium with Ronald Breslow, Columbia University; 233 Remsen. HW

Wed., Oct. 16, 4 p.m. "The Emergence of Conservation Biology" with Sahotra Sarkar, University of Texas, Austin; 348 Gilman. HW

Wed., Oct. 16, 4 p.m. "The Efficiency of Perceptual Learning," a Psychological and Brain Sciences colloquium with Allison Sekuler, McMaster University; 234 Ames. HW

Thurs., Oct. 17, 3 p.m. "Adaptation or Selection? Old Issues and New Stakes in the Postwar Debates About Microbial Drug Resistance," a History of Science, Medicine and Technology colloquium with Angela Creager, Princeton University; Seminar Room, 3rd floor, Welch Medical Library. EB

Thurs., Oct. 17, 4 p.m. "How Fluids Mix: Stretching Fields and Nonlinear Dynamics," a Physics and Astronomy colloquium wiith Jerry Gollub, Haverford College; Schafler Auditorium, Bloomberg Center. HW

Thurs., Oct. 17, 4 p.m. "What Does It Mean to Be Political?" a Philosophy/Political and Moral Thought Program colloquium with Hans Sluga, University of California, Berkeley; 348 Gilman. HW

Fri., Oct. 18, 2 p.m. "Applied Research Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University: An Overview" with Edward Liszka, Pennsylvania State University; Parsons Auditorium. APL Program is simulcast to 218 Maryland Hall on the Homewood campus.



Tues., Oct. 15, 4 p.m. PreLaw Information session for the Columbia School of Law, with Dean Jim Milligan. Sponsored by Preprofessional Programs. 160 Mattin Center. HW

Tues., Oct. 15, 7 p.m. "What Is, or Rather Was, Witchcraft?" with Walter Stephens. Part of "Faculty Conversations," series of discussions between faculty and undergraduates on topical issues. AMR1 Multipurpose Room. HW

Wed., Oct. 16, noon. Black Faculty and Staff Association general assembly meeting; W3030 BSPH. EB

Wed., Oct. 16, 7 p.m. ROTC Master Sgt. Matt Eversmann will discuss his role in the Battle of Mogadishu, subject of the book and movie Black Hawk Down, in which Eversmann was played by Josh Hartnett (see story, this issue). A question-and-answer will follow. The previously announced screening of the movie has been canceled. Shriver Hall. HW

Thurs., Oct. 17, 11:30 a.m., and Fri., Oct. 18, 11 a.m. "Breast Cancer Awareness," a discussion sponsored by the JHU Women's Network. JH Asthma and Allergy Center (Oct. 17) and FKS Cafe (Oct. 18). Bayview



Film and Media Studies presents a series of screenings; 110 Gilman unless otherwise indicated. HW

Tues., Oct. 15, 4:30 p.m. "Hollywood Iconography," Ninotchka and Miller's Crossing; and 7 p.m. "Intro to Study of Film," The Bicycle Thief.

Wed., Oct. 16, 7:30 p.m. "Gangster Films," T-Men.

Thurs., Oct. 17, 7 p.m. "Characters," Romper Stomper; Large AV room, MSE Library.

Fri., Oct. 18, 4 p.m. "Early Films," Hamlet (1908), and La Naissance, La Vie, et la Mort de Notre Seigneur.

Sun., Oct. 20, 6 p.m. "Characters," One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; and 7 p.m. "Intro to Film," 400 Blows; Large AV Room, MSE Library.

Mon., Oct. 21, 5 p.m. "Gangster Films," Force of Evil; and 8 p.m. "French New Wave," Cleo de 5 7 (Cleo From 5 to 7).

Wed., Oct. 16, noon. "Hungry Farmers: A National Security Issue for All," a World Food Day satellite broadcast with Michael Lipton, founder/director of the Sussex University Poverty Research Unit, lead scholar for the 2001 Rural Poverty Report published by the International Fund for Agricultural Development. Sponsored by Center for a Livable Future. W2030 BSPH. EB



Wed., Oct. 16, 4 p.m. "The Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute: Mission and Activities" with Claude Earl Fox; W1020 BSPH. EB



Mon., Oct. 14, 4 p.m. The 2002 George S. Benton Memorial Lecture--"Predicting Weather and Climate in a Chaotic World" by Brian Hoskins, University of Reading, UK; Olin Hall Auditorium. HW

Wed., Oct. 16, noon. "Nursing: The Heart of Health Care," a Baltimore Senior Alumni Program lecture by SON Dean Martha Hill. 410-516-6858. Evergreen Carriage House, 4545 N. Charles St.

Wed., Oct. 16, 1 p.m. "Pakistan After the Elections," a lecture by Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, ambassador of Pakistan to the United States; Kenney Auditorium, Nitze Bldg., 1740 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. SAIS

Wed., Oct. 16, 5 p.m. The Stanhope Bayne-Jones Memorial Lecture--"T-bet, a Master Regulator of T Helper Cell Differentiation" by Laurie Glimcher, Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School; Hurd Hall. EB

Wed., Oct. 16, 5:30 p.m. "Nation-Building and Imperialism," by Michael Ignatieff, Harvard University. Part of the lecture series "The Forum on Constructive Capitalism." Rome Auditorium, Rome Bldg., 1619 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. SAIS

Thurs., Oct. 17, 11 a.m. "Reference Manager," a Welch Medical Library lecture. Part of E-Welch: An Introduction and Update on the Library; Alumni Auditorium, School of Nursing. EB

Fri., Oct. 18, 11 a.m. The Fourth Annual Alan J. Goldman Lecture--"Strong Perfect Graph Theorem" by Paul Seymour, Princeton University; 301 Shaffer. HW

Fri., Oct. 18, 6:30 p.m. "Tutankhamun and the Sequel to the 'Heresy' of Akhenaten," an illustrated lecture by Marianne Eaton-Krauss, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science and Humanities. 202-663-5676. Rome Auditorium, Rome Bldg., 1619 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. SAIS

Mon., Oct. 21, 7 p.m. "How Young Physicians View Their Future...and Yours," a Preprofessional Programs lecture by Malcolm Brock. Co-sponsored by AED and HOPE, the Hopkins Organization of Prehealth Education. 162 Mattin Center. HW



Tues., Oct. 15, noon. The Midday Concert Series "Four Guitars and a Lute" continues with a classical guitar performance by the Pedrick-Hutson Duo; Hurd Hall. EB

Sat., Oct. 19, 8 p.m. Peabody Symphony Orchestra presents Christopher William Pierce's Aquarelle, winning work in the Macht Composition Competition; Debussy's La Mer; and Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 in C, op. 18. Friedberg Hall. Peabody

Sun., Oct. 20, 3 p.m. "Love Potions," Hopkins Symphony Orchestra opens its 2002-2003 season featuring Tristan and Isolde: Prelude and Liebestod by Wagner; Chopin's Concerto No. 2 in F minor, op. 21, with pianist Brian Ganz; and Bizet's Suites Nos. 1 and 2 from L'Arlesienne. $9, $7 for JHU faculty, staff and students, and senior citizens. 410-516-6542. Shriver Hall Auditorium. HW



Mon., Oct. 14, 12:15 p.m. "A Brief Economic History of the American Family From 1800" with William Lord, UMBC; W3204 BSPH. EB

Mon., Oct. 14, 4 p.m. "A Unified View of Protein Folding" with Daniel Raleigh, SUNY, Stony Brook; 109 Jenkins. HW

Mon., Oct. 14, 4 p.m. "Genetic Defenses Against Sterol Accumulation" with Helen Hobbs, Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas; 1-191 Meyer. EB

Mon., Oct. 14, 4 p.m. "Interface-Tracking and Interface-Capturing Techniques for Computation of Moving Boundaries and Interfaces," a Mechanical Engineering seminar with Tayfun Tezduyar, Rice University; 210 Hodson. HW

Tues., Oct. 15, noon. "Re-engineering Olfaction: Altered Function and Gene Expression in a Mammalian Sensory System," a Biological Chemistry seminar with Randall Reed; 612 Physiology. EB

Tues., Oct. 15, 12:15 p.m. "HIV and TB in Europe and Eurasia," an International Health seminar with Timothy Clary, USAID Bureau for Europe and Eurasia; W3030 BSPH. EB

Tues., Oct. 15, 3 p.m. "Dysfunction of Neuronal Muscarinic Receptors and Their Contribution to Asthma" with Allison Fryer; W7023 BSPH. EB

Tues., Oct. 15, 4 p.m. "Monsoons and Subtropical Anticyclones, and When to Visit the Mediterranean," an Earth and Planetary Sciences seminar with Brian Hoskins, Reading University, UK; Olin Hall Auditorium. HW

Tues., Oct. 15, 4 p.m. "Overview of Engineering Information Resources with a Focus on Electronic Access," a Civil Engineering seminar with Elizabeth Mengel; 110 Maryland. HW

Tues., Oct. 15, 4:30 p.m. "Improving Statistical Parsers Using Cross-Corpus Data," a Center for Language and Speech Processing seminar with Xiaoqiang Luo, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center; 101 Shaffer. HW

Wed., Oct. 16, 12:15 p.m. "Genetic Heterogeneity and Bipolar Disorder" with Peter Zandi; Hampton House Auditorium. EB

Wed., Oct. 16, 1:30 p.m. "Structure and Function of an Essential pre-mRNA Splicing Factor: U2 Auxiliary Factor," a Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry seminar with Clara Kielkopf; 517 PCTB. EB

Wed., Oct. 16, 4 p.m. "Mammalian RNAs and Functional Analysis of YYI," a Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences seminar with Yang Shi, Harvard Medical School; 303 WBSB. EB

Wed., Oct. 16, 4 p.m. "Nonparametric Comparison of Two Survival Time Distributions in the Presence of Dependent Censoring" with Gregory DiRienzo; W2030 BSPH. EB

Wed., Oct. 16, 5 p.m. "Washington D.C. Think Tank and Biodefense Policy," a Biomedical Engineering seminar with Aileen Huang-Saad, Institute for Defense Analyses; 709 Traylor. EB

Thurs., Oct. 17, noon. "Research for Homeland Security," an Information Security Institute seminar with Peter Freeman, National Science Foundation; 101 Mattin Center. HW

Thurs., Oct. 17, 12:05 p.m. "Foundations: They Have the Money, You Want the Money, How to Get the Money," a Health Policy and Management seminar with Diana Morris, Open Society Institute; Donn Weinberg, The Weinberg Foundation; Terry Staudenmaier, The Abell Foundation. Hampton House Lecture Hall. EB

Thurs., Oct. 17, 12:45 p.m. "Molecular Mechanisms of Synapse Development and Remodeling," a Neuroscience research seminar with Graeme Davis, University of California, San Francisco; 811 WBSB. EB

Thurs., Oct. 17, 4 p.m. "Active Selection of Training Material for Speech Recognition," an Electrical and Computer Engineering seminar with Terri Kamm; 117 Barton. HW

Thurs., Oct. 17, 4 p.m. "Parts-Based Shape Representation in Visual Cortex," a Biology seminar with Ed Connor; 100 Mudd. HW

Fri., Oct. 18, 11 a.m. "Recent Studies of Personal Exposure to Particles," a Center for Childhood Asthma in the Urban Environment seminar with Lance Wallace, EPA; W2030 BSPH. EB

Fri., Oct. 18, 11 a.m. "The Influence of Polar Vortex Edge Thickness on Rossby Wave Breaking" with Richard Scott, Columbia University; 234 Ames. HW

Fri., Oct. 18, 3:30 p.m. "Statistics of Zero Crossings of Turbulent Velocity Field" with Qiaoning Chen; 107 Latrobe. HW

Mon., Oct. 21, 12:15 p.m. "The Invisible Orphanage" with Matt Crenson; W3204 BSPH. EB

Mon., Oct. 21, 4 p.m. "The Ocean Circulation During the Last Glacial Maximum," an Earth and Planetary Sciences seminar wiith Carl Wunsch, MIT; Olin Hall Auditorium. HW

Mon., Oct. 21, 4 p.m. The David Bodian Seminar in Neuroscience--"Contrasting Maps and Navigation: Brain, Behavioral and Psychological Differences" with Amy Shelton; 338 Krieger. HW



Wed., Oct. 16, noon. Wednesday Noon Series presents "Homewood: A New World Arcadia," a slide lecture and walking tour of Homewoood with M. Edward Shull, American Society of Landscape Architects, followed by a tour of the Homewood House Museum exhibition, Building Homewoood: Vision for a Villa. Co-sponsored by Special Events and Homewood House Museum. Shriver Hall. HW

Wed., Oct. 16, 4:30 p.m. The W.P. Carey Forum--"Trade Beats Aid? The Future of Continental Transport and Trade in Afghanistan and Central Asia," with panelists Ravshan Alimov, Institute of Interregional and Strategic Studies, Tashkent, Uzbekistan; Martha Blaxall, Yale University; Sam Brownback, U.S. senator (R.-Kan); Eva Molnar, World Bank; and Emin Sazak, Yuksel Construction Co., Ankara, Turkey. Sponsored by the Central Asia- Caucasus Institute at SAIS. 202-663-7721. Kenney Auditorium, Nitze Bldg. SAIS

Wed., Oct. 16, 8 p.m. Odyssey Media Forum--"Israel: Crisis Without End?" with Joel Brinkley, New York Times; Schafler Auditorium, Bloomberg Center. HW

Thurs., Oct. 17, 6:30 p.m. "Cesar Chavez Commemoration," a lecture by Arturo Rodriguez followed by a screening of Fighting for Our Lives. Reception after lecture will feature a dance performance by OLE's own Ritmo Latino. Glass Pavilion, Levering. HW

Fri., Oct. 18, and Sat., Oct. 19, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Middle-Atlantic Graduate Student Conference on Latin America. Oct. 18, 4 p.m. "Erecting and Erasing Boundaries: Can We Combine the 'Indo' and the 'Afro' in Latin American Studies?" by keynote speaker Barbara Weinstein, University of Maryland; Mattin Center. HW



Mon., Oct. 14, 7 p.m. Field Hockey, vs. Catholic; Homewood Field. HW

Wed., Oct. 16, 7 p.m. Men's Soccer, vs. Alvernia; Homewood Field. HW

Sat., Oct. 19, 11 a.m. Women's Volleyball, vs. Dickinson; Athletic Center. HW

Sat., Oct. 19, 1 p.m. Football, vs. Muhlenberg; Homewood Field. HW



Fri., Sat. and Sun., Oct. 18, 19 and 20, 8 p.m. "Freshman One-Acts," Barnstormers presents its 2002-2003 season opener: five one-act plays by Christopher Durang, David Ives, and Aaron Sorkin, starring freshman students and directed by students. Arellano Theater, Levering. HW

Sat., Oct. 19, 2 and 7 p.m. "An American Dream," a Broadway revue presented by Unified Voices of Johns Hopkins. $10. 410-558-4939 or 410-955-8888. Turner Auditorium, JHH. EB



Thurs., Oct. 17, 10:30 a.m. Ethnomusicology Workshop with the Zedashe Georgian Choir, performers from Republic of Georgia (former U.S.S.R.); Friedberg Hall. Peabody

Thurs., Oct. 17, 3 p.m. Essaywriting Workshop for 2002-2003 preprofessional programs applicants; 160 Mattin Center. HW