The Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 15, 2002

April 15, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 30

Virtual observatory prototype wins award
Working wonders: Homewood honors its student employees
Pianist Awadagin Pratt returns to Hopkins for benefit concert
'Memoirs of a Geisha' author to deliver Pouder
Hopkins Press book 'Deep Souths' is a Pulitzer Prize finalist for history
Marijuana use in young is linked to hallucinogen use, BSPH study shows
Daffodil Days raises nearly $5,000 to fight cancer
Job Opportunities
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Jazz finds its place at Peabody
   Five years into a rapidly accelerating performance and recording career, jazzman Gary Thomas wanted to shift his life into a different gear. On the road more often than not, Thomas said he yearned for a more stable and permanent existence. Specifically, he wanted to teach.
   Altering direction in his line of work, however, was akin to jumping out of a speeding vehicle. It's hard to slow down when you're playing with the likes of Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Joe Lovano and Cassandra Wilson.
   It would take 15 years before the opportunity Thomas had been waiting for fell into his lap. Full story...

Prescription drugs may be pollutants
The millions of doses of prescription drugs that Americans swallow annually to combat cancer, pain, depression and other ailments do not disappear harmlessly into their digestive systems, researchers have determined, but instead make their way back into the environment where they may contaminate drinking water and pose a threat to aquatic wildlife.
   With this in mind, environmental engineers at Johns Hopkins have launched an ambitious research program aimed at identifying the scope of the nation's prescription drug pollution problems. The researchers recently received a three-year $525,000 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant to study pharmaceuticals and antiseptics in drinking water, sewage treatment plants and coastal waters. Full story...

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