The Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 18, 2002

February 18, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 22

21-volume salute: Editors of Ike's papers to discuss monumental project
Goal for his Fulbright experience: Encouraging minorities to travel
76 minutes of fame: Undergrads' film shown in N.Y. festival
Student computing efforts bolstered by Dell donation of 50 PCs
Time Out With: Ed McCarthy, pathologist and erstwhile cellist
Job Opportunities
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Weiss named next Krieger dean
Dan Weiss knows what road he wants to take as dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. In fact, he helped draw the map: the school�s new strategic plan.
   So Weiss expects a seamless transition when he takes over July 1 from Richard McCarty, his predecessor as the Krieger School�s James B. Knapp Dean. Full story...

Status of Women, part two
Call it the Provost�s Committee on the Status of Women, mach 2002. The 13-year-old advocacy group is being reconstituted, with a new structure and leadership, to give the universitywide committee a more independent voice and strengthen its ability to champion the entire female community at Johns Hopkins.
   Linda Fried, a professor with joint appointments at the School of Medicine and the Bloomberg School of Public Health and director of the Center on Aging and Health, has been appointed as the committee�s first faculty chair and a search is currently under way for new membership. The entity will now be known as the University Committee on the Status of Women. Full story...

Physicists hope U.S. will host particle collider
A national panel of high-energy physicists, co-chaired by Jonathan Bagger, a professor of physics in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, has recommended that the United States get ready to make a bid to host the world�s next great particle collider.
   The recommendation was included in a report on the future of high-energy physics commissioned by the High Energy Physics Advisory Panel, or HEPAP, an advisory organization for high-energy physicists jointly sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. Bagger says the goal of the report, "A Long-Range Plan for High-Energy Physics," was to create a "20-year vision for the future." Full story...

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