The Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 18, 2002
February 18, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 22


Student computing efforts bolstered by Dell donation of 50 PCs

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The Academic Computing Lab in Homewood’s Krieger Hall, also known as the Krieger Lab, underwent several significant improvements during the January Intersession. The most visible change is the arrival of 50 Dell Optiplex GX240 Pentium 4 PCs. Equipped with flat-screen monitors, CD-RW and Zip250 drives, the new PCs are the result of a recent donation by the Dell Computer Corporation.

According to Graham Bouton, technology services manager for Networking and Telecommunications Services, this donation “is symbolic of the strategic importance of the relationship between the Johns Hopkins Institutions and Dell” and was specifically intended to directly benefit student computing-related efforts.

“This gift improves both the quality and quantity of computing resources available to students on the Homewood campus,” Bouton said, “and also will provide faculty with more options when considering academic-related software that may need to be made available to students in the Krieger Lab.”

Additional improvements followed in the wake of the PC donation. Several computer classrooms were reconfigured to accommodate PCs relocated from the Krieger Lab when the new ones were put into service. Also, all computing labs and classrooms on the Homewood campus that are managed and supported by Desktop Computing Services (including the Krieger Lab) have been upgraded to Windows 2000, and network printing services have been improved.

Located in 160 Krieger Hall, the Academic Computing Lab is open 24 hours a day Sunday through Friday. A valid Johns Hopkins ID is required for access. Additional information and a detailed schedule is available at: