The Johns Hopkins Gazette: August 19, 2002

August 19, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 42

JHM seeks additional off-site office space
Lenox Baker Jr. to chair JHM board
Global warming may trigger mini ice ages in Europe
BSPH study finds female doctors more patient-centered
JHU/CCP-led group awarded global project
Contact lost with CONTOUR; APL searches for comet-exploring craft
Historic Homewood House is both site and subject of new A&S course
In Brief
Job Opportunities
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A funny thing happened...
Not a typical a.m. hangout, the lower quad was the in spot for Hopkins folks on their way to work Aug. 7. Early risers got to see Homewood go Hollywood as the steps of Shriver Hall became the latest Charm City shooting locale for the upcoming Chris Rock film Head of State.
   Also co-written and directed by the popular comedian, the movie stars Rock as a rather unlikely presidential hopeful chosen after the Democratic candidate dies unexpectedly in the middle of the campaign. The scene filmed at Homewood had Rock inciting a group of 50 students, who were actually imported for the shoot. Rock went through several improvised takes that had the surprised crowd laughing over their coffee and whipping out their cell phones.
   In a bit of typecasting, Homewood portrayed a college campus, and the Shriver statues of William H. Welch and Daniel Coit Gilman -- which were pre-approved to be included in the shot -- played themselves. Full story...

New parking plans set for Homewood
First came the Mattin Center, then Clark Hall and the O'Connor Recreation Center; soon, Hodson Hall will open. Under construction is a new chemistry building, and work will begin this winter on the San Martin Center. Together, these facilities addressing student services and pressing academic needs--paired with ensuing changes in roadways and open-space beautification projects--are dramatically changing the Homewood landscape.
   Along with these campus improvements comes a need for additional future parking as well as adjustments necessitated today by ongoing construction. Full story...

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