The Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 21, 2002
October 21, 2002
VOL. 32, NO. 8


Job Opportunities

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The Johns Hopkins University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age disability or veteran status with regard to admission or employment or in any student program or activity administered by the university.
   This is a partial list of jobs currently available. A current list with descriptions can be found on the Web at


Office of Human Resources
119 Garland Hall, 410-516-8048
Job posting boards
Garland Hall, first floor; Gilman Hall, ground floor

Pay Grade Position Job Number
94 Project Manager U-02-6938
93 Systems Software Engineer/Sr. Systems Software Engineer L-02-8142
89 Microcomputer Software Specialist P-02-6530
89 Technical Services Analyst U-02-7683
44 Financial Systems Project Implementation Coordinator U-02-7882
44 Research Programs Admin. U-02-7622
43 Sr. Internal Auditor/Staff Internal Auditor U-02-7161
43 Director, Engineering Research Center Operations G-02-8092
43 Director, Career and Life Planning E-02-7078
43 Int'l. Major Gift Officer U-01-4093
43 Sr. Major Gifts Officer S-01-4542
43 Director, Marketing and Communications (several) E-02-8133
41 Compensation Analyst U-02-7532
41 Class Giving Officer (several) U-02-8089
41 Employee Assistance Clinician (several) U-02-8313
41 Coordinator, Enrollment Information Research L-01-5240
41 Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions L-02-6599
41 Instructional Facilitator (several) P-02-8335
40 Records Supervisor, Undergraduate/Graduate L-02-7885
40 Career Counselor (limited) L-02-7772
40 Marketing Coord., Entrepreneurial Library Program S-02-8366
40 Media/Public Relations Rep. S-02-7823
40 Training Facilitator E-02-8228
39 Budget Analyst II (several) G-02-7384
39 Admin. Asst. II (several) E-02-8390
39 Business Services Analyst II U-02-7639
39 Industrial Student Program Coordinator G-02-8364
38 Academic Program Coordinator (several) E-02-8479
38 PC/AV Support Assistant (casual/several) S-02-7943
38 Production Coordinator 2-02-8244
38 Retreat Room Coordinator U-02-7782
38 Accounting Specialist U-02-8241
37 Electronic Editing Assistant 2-02-8134
37 Budget/Accounting Assistant P-02-7884
37 DLP Academic Staff (casual) S-01-5202
37 Sr. Laboratory Technician II P-02-5791
37 Educational Support Services Assistant II E-02-8334
37 Campus Police Officer (several) S-02-8388
36 Medical Asst. or Medical Asst. (certified) L-02-7785
36 Receptionist/Secretary L-02-8124
36 Secretary III (several) G-02-8239
35 Security Communications Assistant S-00-223
35 Distribution Clerk II U-02-8333
34 Admissions Clerk (casual/several) L-02-8489
00 Instructor, Business Ethics/Coordinator, Academic Programs E-02-6894

Schools of
Public Health
and Nursing

Office of Human Resources
2021 E. Monument St., 410-955-3006
Job posting boards
Public Health Building, lower level; Hampton House, lower level; School of Nursing, third floor

Pay Grade Position Job Number
92 Lead Network Engineer H-02-9133
92 Research Data Manager H-02-6684
92 Sr. Network Administrator H-02-9137
91 Systems Analyst H-02-8648
90 Internet Systems Programmer H-02-7895
90 Research Data Coordinator/Statistical Analyst H-02-6684
45 Associate Director, Health Sciences H-02-8522
44 Associate Director, Malawi H-02-8960
43 Assistant Director, Human Resources H-02-8018
42 Program Officer II, Regional Office H-02-7602
42 Sr. Education Coordinator H-02-8230
41 Administrative Manager H-02-8934
41 Financial Manager H-02-6523
40 Sponsored Projects Coordinator H-02-8847
39 Administrative Assistant II H-02-8697
39 Administrative Assistant/Budget Analyst H-02-8997
39 Budget Analyst II H-02-9039
39 Case Manager H-02-8736
39 Dept. Payroll Coordinator II or Dept. Payroll Coordinator I H-02-8998
39 Regional Office Coordinator II H-02-8838
39 Research Assistant II H-02-8499
39 Research Technician II H-02-8894
38 Administrative Assistant H-02-9121
38 Administrative Assistant H-02-8950
38 Administrative Assistant H-02-8807
38 Data Analyst H-02-8805
38 Research Assistant H-02-9182
38 Research Assistant H-02-8441
37 Administrative Secretary H-02-9038
37 Administrative Secretary H-02-8792
37 Research Data Assistant III H-02-6626
37 Sr. Laboratory Technician II H-02-9036
35 Food Service Worker II H-02-9005
35 Laboratory Technician II H-02-9035
34 Help Desk Assistant K-02-9006

School of

Office of Human Resources
1830 E. Monument St., 410-955-2989
Job posting boards
1830 Building, ground floor; JHH, several locations; Outpatient Center, ground level; Bayview Medical Center Asthma & Allergy Center, Atrium elevator lobby

Pay Grade Position Job Number
01 Custodian Several
03 Animal Facility Assistant Several
06 Animal Facility Specialist Several
05 Maintenance Worker Several
07 Maintenance Mechanic I Several
37 Sr. Patient Service Coordinator Several
37 Medical Office Coordinator Several
37 Administrative Secretary Several
38 Administrative Assistant Several
39 Administrative Assistant II Several
37 Biosafety Technician M02-8316
41 Research Nurse/Program Coordinator II M02-8741
41 Sr. Financial Analyst M01-5349
36 Research Data Assistant M02-8642
36 Medical Assistant M02-8714
37 CMA M02-8714